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Posted on Dec 7 2015 - 9:33pm by Kate Flannery

When it comes to boarding the plane, it is all about safety. Fire extinguishers are safe and necessary when it comes to fires. However, did you know that you are forbidden from carrying a fire extinguisher on board? It is one of those items that contain compressed gas and that is the reason why this item that is considered very safe becomes hazard when on plane. Also, there’s very few, if any, reasons for a passenger to carry a fire-extinguisher to an airport. Yet, the rules exist, and they are there because someone has at some point attempted to perform these acts. Here are some of the items that you should be very careful about when you try to take them with you on your flight.

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Potential Weapons

It is not impossible to carry firearms on the plane, but there are restrictions and rules about it. They definitely need to be checked in. However, any sort of firearms, including the flare guns and similar guns, as well as replicas, need to be put into separate containers and checked as separate baggage, not to mention approved of beforehand by the customs offices of the place of departure and place of arrival. There are cases in which firearms can be taken on board, but that is only the case for law enforcement officials. Even they have to be flying under special conditions. Also, all the power tools, tools, kitchen utensils and other sharp and blunt objects that can be used as weapons cannot be taken on board.

Liquids and Gases

Compressed gases are generally not allowed on planes. However, some containers, like deodorants that do not exceed 50 ml in quantities are allowed by certain companies. These are details that you need to check with your company before flying. As for the liquids, you can take them on board, but your liquids and pasts must be in containers that are less than 100 ml and in a sealed plastic bag. They also need to be shown during the check in.

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Sports Gear

All sorts of spears, bats, sticks and other objects that can potentially cause harm cannot be allowed as cabin baggage. Some companies have different types of check in rules and regulations when it comes to sports gear. That is why you need to call the company and be very precise about the description of your sports gear.

Metal and Valuables

You are allowed to carry gold, silver and other precious metals on board. However, there are weight restrictions that you need to respect. You can carry them in the form or jewelry, coins or bars. It seems that the most convenient way to transport gold is to carry 100 oz gold bars with you rather than coins. Of course, airport personnel has the right to check the baggage and to apply their own rules and regulations about the content of your bag. Generally, gold bars should not be a problem for any of the big companies.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are allowed at all times. If you plan on taking jams, sauces and dips with you, especially in glass jars, they will have to be in your checked baggage. Moreover, all the cheese, meat and poultry should have special licenses and they should be checked. If you want to bring your own snacks for a short flight, make sure that you use dried fruit and nuts, combined with fresh fruit. Granola bars and similar snacks will keep you full until you land.

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The golden rule of thumb is to check the website of the company that you travel with and the local airport to see the restrictions that they have concerning the baggage. These are the general rules that you can expect, but there are many factors that influence the decisions of the companies to allow or forbid something from the plane or require it to get checked in. To avoid prolonging the boarding process and causing inconvenience, make sure that you inform yourself in time.

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