Famous Asian-Specific Foods in Little India Singapore

Posted on Mar 28 2014 - 10:21pm by Shem MD

When you visit Singapore, you cannot miss the chance to visit Little India street. As the name suggests, it is the center for the large Indian community in Singapore. You can find a lot of entertainments here, from amusement places and of course, the food stalls or stores spread all the way around. There are a lot of famous foods in Little India Singapore to satisfy your crave for tasty cuisines.

In Little India, you can find a lot of menus of Indian foods, most of which are cheap even according to Singaporean standards with the generous portions and vegetarians. Therefore, this location is not only going to satisfy your needs of Indian foods but also for other types of foods, especially from Asian countries.

The Best Chapatti at 170 Norris Road

This store offers you the best chapatti in town. The store is called as Azmi Chappati Thye Chong, which offers halal foods for Moslem. Most of people who have visited this store suggested trying the keema, dhal and aloo masala. Those are the names of foods served by the store. Some even said order two pieces of chapatti would secure your tummy for a whole day.

Gandhi Eating House

This store also offers you some famous foods in Little India Singapore. Located at Chander Road, this Gandhi eating-house serves many kinds of Indian Food. This is what Little India offers you, a lot of Indian foods to try.

Fish Head Curry

Muthus is one of restaurants to offer you the most famous fish head curry in Singapore. However, you can also try the almond chicken, saag paneer, the garlic naans, and a beef vindaloo. You can find the tasty fish head curry. However, you should prepare for poking around to get some respectable chunks of fish. The restaurant is clean and modern, and you can see the process of cooking as it is located right in the middle of the restaurant.

As for the fish’s head curry, it is believed as the melting pot of culinary cultures (Indian, Chinese and Indonesia). Therefore, you can find this kind of foods specific for those three countries easily. However, Little India claims to have invented this food.

Raw vegan and vegetarian treats at Brindavan

If you are a vegetarian, do not be afraid to try hanging out in Brindavan vegetarian rest and café. This restaurant offers you vegetarian foods with raw vegan and vegetarian treats to fulfill your needs for tasty foods.

Other popular restaurants

The Madras New Woodlands restaurant offers you Indian vegetarian staples, such as dosai, appam, upuma paratha, and idli. Then, Sungei Road Laksa sells the tastiest laksa in a big of bowl. There are also Komala Restaurant which serves Indian fast food, the Original Fried Hokkie Mee with its famous Panggul Nasi food, and a lot of Singapore seafood restaurant which have been known as the most popular place to find cold crab. Those are some famous foods in Little India Singapore.

This culturally rich part of Singapore offers you not only food stores to fill up your tummy with delicious cuisine, but also other stores like record shops, spice vendors, and flower stalls. Before moving to the business, to get in to this location, you can use the northeast MRT line at Farrer Park Stations near Serangoon Road. Those are the convenient entry points into the area.

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