China Terracotta Warriors, the Splendor of First Dynasty

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Everyone who is interested in ancient culture must be familiar with China Terracotta Warriors, a colossal archaeological finding that consists of around seven thousands of life sized warriors, horses, chariots and other objects such as pots, plates and bowls. First unearthed by farmers accidentally in year 1974, the finding soon became object of interest of all archeologists from all over the world. Terracotta Warriors are relics of the very first dynasty in China, the Qin, created under the commission of Emperor Qin Shi Huang when he was thirteen years old, as guardians of his mausoleum.

Secretary-General visit the Terra Cotta Museum

The whole project took around eleven years to complete, and now, it becomes a popular attraction for all Chinese and ancient culture enthusiasts from all over the world. You can order tour package to visit the site, which is located Xian, Shaanxi Province, near the site of Qin Shi Huang’s tomb.

What to See at the Site
If you go to Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horse Museum, whether alone or with tour group, you will see three large pits called Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3 Pit, which signify the order of their findings and excavations, covering an area as wide as 16,300 square meters. Here are things you will see:

  • Number 1 Pit: the largest pit that contains common column soldiers with lines of horse chariots. Each of the soldier and horse chariot is very detailed, and you can even see clear facial expression on each soldier statue.
  • Number 2 Pit: this pit contains thousand warriors and wooden chariots.
  • Number 3 Pit: this pit contains warriors with higher ranks, a chariot and four war horses, and judging from the positions and details, were most likely the command center of the entire terracotta army.

Besides what you can see in these three pits, there is also exhibition hall where you can see individual relics and findings which have been exclusively selected. There is also Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, which is surrounded by large park formerly known as Lishan Garden. In this area, you can also see other beautiful and interesting relics from the first emperor in China, including other museums.

Popular Activities at Tour Package to Xian
Many tour packages to Terracotta Warrior site offer double trips to the museum and mausoleum, and if the tour itinerary is longer, you probably will be taken to the nearest tourists attractions such as City Hall and Small Wild Goose Pagoda (which is actually the relic of Tang Dynasty, but also beautiful). However, the site is also a popular object for more cost efficient one day tour, but of course that depends on the policy of your selected travel company.

This magnificent finding has landed Xian’s name in the international list of must-visit place in China, including a list in UNESCO. The details and intricacy of each relic, including the warriors’ garbs and facial expressions, show magnificent feat of human’s artistic ability and devotion. This is truly a must visit spot you totally have to put in your itinerary in China.

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