4 Best Day Trips from Brisbane

Posted on Feb 19 2020 - 1:46am by Nina Simons

Whether you live in Brisbane or you’re planning on visiting it in near future, consider taking a one day trip to some of the local destinations that will blow your mind with their beauty and an insanely large number of fun activities. These four destinations are just some of them you should not miss out on. 

Noosa Heads

One of the best destinations you can opt for is Noosa. It is located on the Sunshine Coast and it is only about two hours away from Brisbane. Noosa is a favourite destination for Aussies who are looking for a relaxing beach escape. Noosa Heads is the perfect place if you want to relax, enjoy fantastic restaurants, and explore the wild-life wilderness and stunningly beautiful golden beaches. You can have the most amazing nightlife in Brisbane but after a few nights of partying it is nice to go somewhere where you can rest and relax even just for one day. It is also a very attractive destination for passionate swimmers, surfers, and sunbathers who want to swim in the Noosa’s blue waves and bask on the sand. 

This destination also offers beautifully designed walking trail threads along the rugged headland in Noosa National Park where you are able to see brush turkeys snuffling in the bush, and koalas clinging to eucalyptus trees. And a five-minute stroll from the beach will take you to a string of amazing restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and galleries that you can visit while you’re there. There are so many fun activities this destination offers. You just have to go and discover the possibilities as you enjoy your time with friends or family. 

Lamington National Park

Another destination that is pretty close to Brisbane and worth visiting is Lamington National Park. It is absolute heaven on Earth for nature lovers and birders. Lamington National Park has beautiful luxuriant rainforest with waterfalls that create such a peaceful and lovely setting for hiking adventures. It offers an unbelievable range of diverse wildlife. Some of its most popular residents are bowerbirds that are known for building elaborate arches adorned with bright blue objects they use in order to impress the females. Many other bird species find their home in this National Park including squadrons of king parrots and crimson rosellas. They also have some other exotic and beautiful animal species such as marsupials, red-necked pademelons and long-nosed bandicoots.

Most visitors of this lovely Park tend to go to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat and take a guest house, spa, and restaurant. It is a great location because from there you can explore the park on O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk, many interesting suspension bridges and walkaway strung that stretches about 16 metres above the rainforest floor. Also, stunning views of the region from Mount Tamborine are another great reason for you to jump into your car and go for a one day trip to Lamington National Park right away. 

Gold Coast

If you are looking for a location that offers a variety of different activities, the Gold Coast is the right place for you. For instance, whale watching is very popular at this destination. It is an experience of a lifetime. If you go to Gold Coast you will be able to see a migratory group of humpback whales as they make their way from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef every year. 

It is estimated that they number over 30,000 based on a whale census. Their numbers are recovering annually. The best chance of having some good sightings of these magnificent creatures is somewhere between August and October. The best option would be to go in the morning because winds and waves tend to increase later in the day. So, what are you waiting for? Search some fishing charters Gold Coast that you can book right away and go for an adventure with your friends. 

Surfers Paradise

If you want to visit Brisbane at least once in your lifetime, take this chance to discover some of the nearby locations and beaches as well. A two-hour drive towards the south of Brisbane will take you to another great destination, Surfers Paradise. It is a location that offers amazing beaches and glittering surf. It is one of the best tourist destinations that buzzes with life no matter what season it is. There are many high-rises and hotels that line the sun-soaked Surfers Paradise beach. It even has many boutiques. 

This place also offers some theme-park attractions. That includes SeaWorld, Warner Bros. Movie World, and Dreamworld. Also, passionate wildlife lovers get a chance to commune with Aussie creatures at Currumbin Sanctuary. Another activity you could try is to go on a canal cruise to see the homes of the rich and famous. This cruise comes with the full-day Surfers Paradise Day Trip and Whale watching Tour that offers a perfect blend of natural and urban attractions. 


In conclusion, visiting these locations will be one in a lifetime experience. You’ll get to explore the wildlife and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world while having fun with your friends. You should definitely consider these locations if you ever find yourself in Brisbane.

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