15 of The World’s Oldest Buildings and Where You Can Find Them [Infographic]

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15 of The World’s Oldest Buildings and Where You Can Find Them

Travelling abroad gives us a chance to experience authentic cultures which can’t be enjoyed anywhere else.

Drinking Guinness in Dublin, eating pizza in Rome or watching a jazz band in New Orleans are great examples.

Authentic cultural experiences are often tied to history. For example, while you can take a trip on a punt or rowing boat all around the world, there’s something extra special about taking a gondola around the waters of Venice.

Venice, along with 99 other unique experiences makes up a great list from Wanderlust. If you want some inspiration for authentic trips, this is a good place to start.

Historic Sightseeing

Sightseeing is certainly a big part of enjoying authentic cultural experiences. For example, to really soak up all that Egypt has to offer, you really must visit the Pyramids.

One of the reasons visiting buildings such as these is so fascinating is because of how long they have existed.

These days, we often see Townes blocks bulldozed after standing less than half a century. However, there are some stunning structures which still exist thousands of years after their construction.

15 Of The World’s Oldest Buildings And Where You Can Find Them

If history and sightseeing are one of the biggest reasons you travel the world, you’re in luck. ŴThis is because a new infographic from Globehunters presents a number of must-see historic buildings from, around the world.

It’s called ‘15 Of The World’s Oldest Buildings And Where You Can Find Them’ and you can take a look below.

This fascinating piece presents 15 must-see locations for any history-loving sightseer.

It contains places you certainly will have heard of and other you probably haven’t. For example, probably the most famous is the Coliseum in Rome.

This truly iconic structure is one of the oldest amphitheatres on the planet and really offers a glimpse of what life was like in ancient times.

There’s also the lesser-known oldest house still in existence. The Knap of Howar sits on the island of Orkney, just off the coast of Scotland and is thought to have stood since 3700 BC.

 Oldest Buildings

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