10 Of The World’s Strangest Tourist Attractions [Infographic]

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10 Of The World’s Strangest Tourist Attractions

Let’s face it; holidays are for having fun and one of the best ways to do that is to visit one or more tourist attractions whilst you’re away. From family-friendly attractions to those a little more adult-focussed, you won’t struggle to find numerous ways to fill your days but it’s always interesting to take a look at what there is a little outside of the norm.

Citybase Apartments recently launched an infographic which looks at the world’s strangest tourist attractions and, for some of those included in the list, being dubbed strange is an understatement! From humongous pineapples through to the USA’s version of Stonehenge; one constructed from old cars!

The infographic highlights ten bizarre or strangest tourist attractions from across the globe and, as far as we are concerned, every single one needs to be on your bucket list!

Just what, however, are these ten bizarre attractions and where can they be found?

  1. The Big Pineapple – South Africa

    Ever fancied visiting a giant pineapple? If so, take yourself to South Africa and the day at ‘The Big Pineapple’ which can be found in Eastern Cape. The region is famous for their pineapples and the world’s only pineapple museum can be found within this one which is 55-foot tall!

  2. Sedlec Ossuary – Czech Republic

    Sedlec Ossuary certainly isn’t your regular church and, despite being tiny, is home to more than 40,000 skeletal remains. Spooky! It’s all arranged in a morbidly artistic fashion, however, it’s probably one which is still best avoided on Halloween!

  3. Mother Shipton’s Cave – England

    Deep inside North Yorkshire lies Mother Shipton’s Cave, one which, according to legend, was home to Mother Shipton, a prophetess who predicted the Great Fire of London. A great day out for the whole family and an attraction which is also home to a ‘petrifying well.’

  4. Inverary Jail – Scotland

    If your travels take you to Scotland, do yourself a favour and pay a visit to Inverary Jail. If you’ve ever wondered what an 18th Century Scottish jail was like, this is your opportunity to find out in the setting of a ‘living museum.’

  5. Carhenge – USA

    You are most likely familiar with Britain’s Stonehenge, however, few have yet to come across the USA’S own Carhenge. Yes, this really is a series of cars arranged in the layout of Stonehenge. A must-see attraction for anyone heading to Nebraska or nearby.

  6. Paris Sewer Museum – France

    You most likely don’t fancy spending your holidays down a sewer, but Paris’ sewer museum is a fantastic attraction, despite being one which initially sounds otherwise! This stunning museum takes you deep down under Paris itself and offers an insight into the history of an area you wouldn’t normally have the benefit of seeing for yourself. Add to your to-do list on your next visit to Paris.

  7. Upside Down House – China

    Yes, you really can pay a visit to an upside down house in China, one which is a little bit of a mind-bender. The house comes complete with furniture on the ceiling (or should that be the floor) and is a must-see sight for those who like things a little extraordinary. You’ll find the attraction an hour south of Shanghai.

  8. Battle Of The Oranges – Italy

    The battle of the oranges happens only once a year so timing is the key to visiting this attraction. The small Italian town of Ivrea plays host to the world’s largest orange fight. You must see this for yourself to believe it! Great fun nonetheless.

  9. Gnome Reserve – England

    Who loves gnomes? Or perhaps more a case of who doesn’t love gnomes? In the heart of Devon lies the UK’s very own Gnome Reserve, an attraction dedicated entirely to our tiny garden friends! You’ll have a great day out here, we promise!

  10. Yunessun Spa Resort – Japan

    You may be wondering why a spa resort makes the list, but when you find out that it’s one where you can take a dip in your favourite drink, it makes sense! However, who wouldn’t want to take a dip in green tea, wine or honey?

The World’s Strangest Tourist Attractions – An infographic by the team at Citybase Apartments

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