10 Reasons to Choose the Lake District for Your Staycation

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Here are ten reasons to consider the Lake District for your staycation. 10 reasons that are sure to inspire, lure and excite just about everybody, from those in search of adventure and excitement to those looking for respite and relaxation. If you’ve never been, it’s somewhere you’ll want to visit! For some, it’s somewhere for an annual staycation. For others, a weekend break. For many around the world, a dream! Forget beaches; this is nature at it’s most beautiful.

For those who have never been to The Lake District, here’s 10 reasons why you’ll fall in love with the region:

1. To Eat…

With rich, luscious and well-watered country comes some of the finest foods, ingredients and flavours nature is capable of creating. The Lakes are world famous for their Cumberland sausage, pies and rum butter. In addition, don’t forget the native Westmorland damsons, Kendal mint cake and char fish. You can learn more about all of these via the Go Lakes website.

Image courtesy of www.cumbria-food-blog.co.uk

Image courtesy of www.cumbria-food-blog.co.uk

Today, the District has also become well known for its Grasmere Gingerbread too. ‘Quite simply the best gingerbread in the world’, even Prince Charles whilst up north on official business made a b-line for this humble little bakery. Other well-known folk to frequent or have popped into the bakery include Tom Cruise, Jamie Oliver and Renee Zellweger.

2. To Drink…

The Lake District is home to a much celebrated Vodka Distillery, Lakes Vodka, which relies on the River Derwent to provide the base for its unique spirit, Bedrock Gin which is made using Lake District botanicals and the much loved Keswick Brewery which specialises in producing craft beers and ales.

Image courtesy of www.eebria.com

Image courtesy of www.eebria.com

Of course, a proud northern District, The Lakes is actually home to nearly ten breweries, including the award winning, well known of and oldest independent Cumbrian born brewery in existence, Yates Brewery. And for those excited to discover all of the Breweries the Lakes is home to, the Lake District Grand Tour website makes has all the information needed, and much more.

3. To Experience a Quintessential Country House Hotel…

Created from having been the once location of ‘the ring of fire’ (a literal hotbed of volcanic goings-on), the Lakes is today a treasure trove of natural rock and stone that has consequently been used to forge and build some of the country f not the world’s most stunning architecture. What is more, those travelling to the Lakes needn’t simply make a day of visiting these locations but can even opt to stay within them by booking in at one of the three, for example, country house offerings proudly provided by Lake District Country House Hotels.

Image courtesy of www.booking.com

Image courtesy of www.booking.com

All ideally situated in the heart of the district, in particular, the Cragwood Country House Hotel, which was built of stone mined on the very site on which it sits on the lip of Lake Windermere, is a particularly stunning and quintessential Lake District hotel sure to please anyone looking for some luxurious yet homely.

4. To Explore and Experience Astounding Natural Beauty…

England’s Largest National Park and most mountainous region, the Lake District spans over half a million acres. The region is also home to over 200 fell tops, the country’s largest lake, its longest lake and yet only one official lake.


The district is also home to the wettest inhabited place in the whole of England. In fact, its impressive annual rainfall is largely the reason why the District remains so lush and rich with botany and wildlife all year round.

To learn more facts about the Lakes and where the ones stated here came from, head over to the Lake District.gov website.

5. To Go Ape…

Go Ape in Grizedale Forest Park just east of Coniston Water is the name of an adventure tour operation that gets adults and kids alike zip lining through the ‘sky-scraping Douglas Firs’, trekking this unique ‘Cumbrian hideaway’ and even Segway racing the forest floor.


Hence, the perfect day out for the kids, big kids, sports lovers and adventurers, Go Ape is a truly unique way to explore and experience the region.

6. To Holiday in a District Home to Over 15 Stunning Villages and Towns to Explore…

The Lake District is of course, famed for its lakes, mountains, landscapes and beauty. But, what many who opt to visit or holiday there are surprised to realise is just how accessible all of its many towns and villages are, and how wonderfully unique each is.


To learn more about its different towns, villages and what you can enjoy whilst visiting each of them, visit the Lake District Guide website.

7. To Discover the Real World of Beatrix Potter…

Whichever Beatrix Potter character best captured your heart as a child, you can find them all and where they came from at The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction.


This is one adventure that isn’t just unmissable for the kids but one which people (young and old) travel to the Lakes especially to visit. Aside from the plethora of exhibitions, the tearoom really is the cherry on top of this unique and rather magical Lakes attraction.

8. To See Some of Britain’s Most Amazing Lakes

No visit to the Lake District is complete without a tour of its 16 major, lakes and many more ‘waters’.  In fact, only Bassenthwaite is a traditional lake in the truest sense, though the district is home to over 80 ‘glacial lakes.’ Lake Windermere Water is commonly held as the largest naturally formed lake in England and the Lake District’s most famous.


The District is also home to a number of smaller lakes and tarns. These are equally stunning and arguably even more beautiful, such as Buttermere one of the least known of yet best loved by those who discover it, at least according to the 350 people who have all given it 5 out of 5 stars via the Trip Advisor website which has also awarded Buttermere a Certificate of Excellence.

9. To Get Romantic (Literarily)…

Ask a person to name something associated with the Lake District and second to water or lakes, they are likely to quip: ‘Wordsworth!’ The Lake District was not just Wordsworth’s home, but his spiritual home. Consequently, much of his poetry was written in, about and inspired by this enigmatic and enchanting landscape, including the poem which has since become the most famous to have ever been penned in the English language.


To celebrate, commemorate and show our enduring appreciate for one of the country and world’s finest poets and as well more generally the Romantic aesthetic and literary period which is so inextricably bound to the Lakes themselves, visitors to the district can in 2016 still visit Wordsworth’s home, Dove Cottage in Grasmere which is today a museum standing alongside the home of The Wordsworth Trust.

To learn more visit The Wordsworth Trust website.

10. To Escape…

Last but not least, one of the best reasons to book a staycation in the Lakes is, quite simply, to escape the hustle, bustle and rat race of city life and simply reconnect, either with one’s self or nature.

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