Plastic Surgery as a Tourist Attraction in South Korea

Posted on Mar 13 2014 - 10:02pm by Shem MD

What makes a perfect holiday; a quiet, deserted island that provides optimum privacy or an exciting adventure by exploring the wildlife? Or, do you like sailing through the sea in a luxurious cruise? Well, those are the common holiday choices for most people. However, do you know that there are some peculiar holiday packages to choose for different holiday experience? One of them is plastic surgery tourism. Yes, although it sounds weird, believe it or not, this type of activity is now gaining more attention of majority of socialites in around the world. This unique tourist activity is usually combined with other travel vacation packages. So, what is so interesting about this type of attraction?

The Changing Perspective

Undoubtedly, the increasing popularity of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery in South Korea is one of the major factors that make this so attractive. Though some people point fingers at those who do the plastic surgery, but some other think, ‘hey, it’s your body, do what you want to do’. The increasing popularity is also due to the public attitude that becomes more optimistic towards the cosmetic surgery. As a result, people do not feel embarrassed anymore after undergoing the surgical intervention for beautification purpose.

Generally, people who undergo plastic surgery think that it is a form of future investment; shaping slimmer body, prettier face, and better overall figure. Some also testify that the result of the plastic surgery is like a stepping-stone; it can help them achieve significant gain in education, marriage, and career, particularly for those who work in entertainment sector. However, this does not only apply to women, but also men. The beauty arguably brings gratification and improves one’s social status in Korean society.

Guarantee of Success

The increasing popularity of plastic surgery as a tourist attraction in South Korea is also due to the government policy that currently promotes this medical tourism. The government of South Korea even shows great optimism in promoting this tourism program, because South Korea has well-qualified surgeons, hospitals, and plastic surgery clinics. The government even guarantees the success of the procedure by setting a standard that must be followed by the practitioners.

This attraction is now heavily promoted because it gives additional income to the country compared to other tourism packages; therefore, the important thing to ensure is the public trust. It has to be done in a proper procedure, performed by licensed surgeon, so that the customers’ satisfaction can be achieved.

Plastic Surgery Attraction Packages

If you are interesting in this type of tourist attraction, some travel agents can help you out. In Indonesia, for example, a travel agent can arrange a vacation trip for the customers who like to visit South Korea, and undergo cosmetic surgery at once. The travel agent will help organizing the traveling schedule, and looking for a deal with the surgeons or the hospital.

Because this type of tourism is still uncommon for majority of people, those who like to do that must submit a request first to the travel agent. The price to do plastic surgery in South Korea is relatively less expensive compared to it is in the western countries. In average, you only need to spend $18.000 to get the surgery done.

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