Interesting Tourist Spots in Jakarta

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 4:45pm by Shem MD

Jakarta, despite its problems related to traffic and flood, still becomes a primary option for local people to spend holiday. Jakarta is the country’s capital and largest city in Indonesia with several districts and becomes a representative of multicultural city. As the center of government, commerce, industry, and culture, Jakarta has various means of transportation and accommodation choices. Located in the northern coast of West Java, Jakarta offers varied holiday options from sightseeing, restaurants, nightlife, historical sites, to many other tourists’ destinations.

Famous Tourist Destinations in Jakarta

  • Landmarks

The most famous tourist destination in Jakarta city is Monas or the National Monument. This 137-meter monument is located in the center of Merdeka square and offers you a great spot to observe the city’s view through its observation deck. Here, art and culture performances are frequently held by the community to gather people from any social status. At the basement of the monument, there is Gajah Mada Museum with various dioramas that portray Indonesian history, and it becomes the home to various art and cultural properties of Indoesia. Another famous landscape in Jakarta is the Presidential Palace, which is the official residence of the president of Indonesia. You can visit this place free on weekend, with preferably formal clothes.

  • Theme Parks

The major and most-visited theme park in this city is Ancol. In Ancol, you can get lots of excitement from rides in Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World) to experiencing the underwater excitement in Gelanggang Samudera (Ocean Park). Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is another place to enjoy Jakarta. Here, you will see Indonesian culture as a whole through its exciting tour to the miniature of the 33 province in Indonesia.

  • Historical Spot

Kota Tua (Old Town of Batavia) is the most famous historical site in Jakarta, located near Glodok China Town. This area is home to many historical museums, such as Museum Fatahillah, Museum Wayang, Museum Mandiri, Museum Maritime, cafes, and street foods.

Things you Need to Prepare before Visiting Jakarta

The heavy traffic and terrific pollution do not stop people to visit this city, as Jakarta is a one-stop holiday spot, filled with exciting nightlife and dynamic lifestyle. With its status as the most populous city in Southeast Asia, you need to plan your visit carefully to Jakarta. Not does it only offer exciting holiday experiences, Jakarta is also filled with crowd of people and heavy traffic. In order to get the maximum experience, pay attention to some of these important tips:

  • Time management; Jakarta has many tourist destinations from historical landmarks, museums, theme parks, and other. Therefore, make sure you already have a schedule to visit each of your destinations by looking for reference and make a list. If you plan to spend couple of days in this city, you can visit up to three places on each day, and explore the place to the fullest.
  • Monitoring the traffic, you don’t want the traffic ruins your holiday, right? It is a common knowledge that Jakarta is the ‘paradise’ of traffic jam. Before you decide to go to a certain place, try to find a route that has less dense traffic. If the destination requires you to take crowded road, try to leave earlier.

In addition, calculating your budget is essential before you go on a vacation. With so many attractive spots to visit, you could spontaneously want to go to the ‘unplanned’ place; it means more budgets.

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