Hunting for Delicious Foods at Gurney Drive Penang

Posted on Nov 28 2013 - 2:26pm by Shem MD

Street stalls that sell street side foods always become attractions for culinary lovers anywhere they go, and in Malaysia, the most recommended spot to taste the best street side foods is Gurney Drive in Penang area. Also known in local language as Persiaran Gurney, this area of food stalls is located in front of the beach. You can eat here while enjoying the view of beach and high-rise buildings that are mostly condominiums and bungalows.

Gurney Drive is actually an affluent neighborhood; buildings that dominate this area are luxury apartments, condominiums, and seaside bungalows. There are also two famous plazas: Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon. There are skyscrapers that make an impressive background behind the whole area. However, while this area is identical with affluence, the most popular attraction among locals and tourists is still the street food stalls area.

Gurney Drive Street Food Stalls

Under the imposing shadows of high-rise buildings, luxury residential buildings and skyscrapers, there are lines of street food stalls that deliver taste of Asia. Called by locals as Pusat Penjaja Tanjung Gurney, the area is located on a spot between Gurney Plaza and Sunrise Tower. Although Gurney Plaza is populated by visitors, there are so many plaza visitors who also choose to eat at one of food stalls at this area. Although the price of foods here have been risen since the first time this area operated in 1970s, Gurney Drive food stall area is still considered a cheap place to enjoy local taste.

At Gurney Drive, you can find various dishes, sweet treats and beverages that originate from various areas in Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Singapore, India and Hong Kong. This is because Malaysia is also home for many immigrants from those areas, and they bring along their rich cuisines, adding the varieties of foods you can find in Malaysia.

What You Can Eat

Many foods sold at Gurney Drive have a rich taste, especially because people in Asia love foods with prominent spices. There are some popular recommendations of foods that you must try at Gurney Drive:

  • Hokkien Char Noodle (Hokkien Char Mee), a type of yellow noodle that is served with soy sauce, vegetables, pork, fish cake and fried pork fat. Sometimes, Hokkien Noodle is served with prawn and other seafood.
  • Java Noodle (Java Mee), a type of noodle dish from Java Island, Indonesia. It usually consists of yellow noodle cooked with yellow, rich broth, sprinkled with cabbage, shredded chicken, egg and fried red onions. There is also the fried version called Mee Goreng (literally “fried noodle”).
  • Satay, a type of meat dish that is usually chopped into small cuts, put in the skewers and roasted on charcoals with soy sauce and some spices. The traditional companion for this dish is rice, rice cake, cucumber slices, tomatoes and chili paste.
  • Char Koay Teow, a popular Malaysia-Singapore dish made of fried noodle, chives, prawns or other seafood, chili, bean sprouts and soy sauce.

Do not forget to visit Gurney Drive next time you visit Malaysia and enjoy delightful local taste.

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