Head Out and Camp! Turn Your Boring Weekend into Adventures

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Head out and camp! Turn your boring weekend into adventures!

“To live is to travel, to love is to breathe in nature, to feel happy is to be far away from city life.”


What’s your plan for this weekend? Oh! Don’t tell me it’s “laying on your bed the whole weekend, binge-watching series.” It’s boring. Besides, it is bad for your health. If you are asking- how can it be bad? You should know that it leads to:

  • Physical inactivity,
  • Disturbed sleep cycle,
  • Poor eyesight,
  • Poor mental health because of fewer social interactions, and
  • Inadequate diet.

Yes! Those few hours of your “just one more episode” actually affect the body and mind negatively. After sitting for several hours in front of the computers and surviving a stressful week, you should reward yourself with some relaxation. And the best way to relax is to go out for a short trip and enjoy the freshness of nature.

But what is the adventure of going all alone? Especially if I consider your weekend mood, I’m sure that your adventure will include going out to the nearby convenience stores to get the food. And, then you’ll come back home, just to scroll the social media the whole day.

Oh, wait!

While you’ll be scrolling social media, you’ll feel jealous of your friends who are actually out there and “enjoying” their weekend. That’s why rather than planning for your trip all alone, you should include your friends. Trust me; you’ll miss all these moments when you get old.

Not to forget that you might also regret not planning right now. Why? The reason is that once you let an opportunity go, it is almost impossible to get the chance again. So, instead of spending your Saturday/Sunday in your bed, you need to call your friends and plan for a camping trip.

Nonetheless, the crucial question is- how to plan? Going on a trip means you need to pack everything in a small bag so that you don’t face any kind of inconvenience. But, here’s the catch! The camping I am talking about is not like this.

Confused? Alright! Let me explain it in simple terms. For your weekend plan, I am talking about going on camping using the trailers. The trailer includes almost everything that you have in your home. It is like a home on the wheel. Thus, you don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of stuff with you.

Now that you know what we will do let’s create a plan for your weekend trip. Don’t worry! I know you have your office on Monday, so you don’t want to look tired and grumpy. This trip will be filled with adventure but the ones that’ll refresh you. So without further ado, let’s get started with the planning!

Decide the location for your adventure.

The first thing that you have to decide is your destination. Where do you want to go? Is it somewhere near your city or is it at another place? You can look for various unexplored places online and select among them.

Just ensure that your destination is reachable within two days that you have. So that you don’t waste your entire time driving. If you want, you can create your own little picnic/camping spot that is not far away. Remember that it is not about the location but about the people you will be with and the memories you’ll create.

Arrange an off-grid trailer

The next step of the planning process is to get off-grid trailers. However, as it has been mentioned on this website, instead of buying any trailer, you should look for a customizable one. So that you can add all the amenities and features that you want to make your traveling experience unforgettable. 

Moreover, for the days you are not traveling, you can rent it. So it is a beneficial investment for you from which you can get extra rental incomes. Isn’t it amazing?

Pack all your essentials

Now that the two most important tasks are settled, you need to focus on packing. What most people do is that they try to fit in their home in their traveling bag. And that is exactly what you shouldn’t do. Keep your back as lightweight as possible so that it doesn’t become a bother on your trip.

So make a list of all the essentials things. Eliminate the stuff you are sure you can survive without, like that extra pair of jeans. You know that you won’t be wearing them, it is just an addition to your bag. In fact, you divide all the essentials between your friends, so that the overall luggage with you is minimal.

That being said, now let’s talk about the essentials you need to pack:

  • Toiletry kit
  • Track pants
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Socks (keep an extra pair)
  • Portable phone charger
  • Water bottles
  • Music
  • Cameras

If you are planning to go to a cold place, don’t forget about your jacket. Traveling can get very tiring, so carry only comfortable clothes with you. Remember this trip for doing fun and relaxing, so pack your bags accordingly.

Don’t forget about the first aid kit.

I know the first aid kit should be on the essential list I mentioned above because it is crucial. But because it is a crucial thing, I made a separate point for it. So that no matter what, you don’t forget about packing the first aid kit.

Also, ensure that your first aid kit is fully equipped. Keep antiseptic, bandages of different sizes, thermometer, medicines (for cold/fever), and ointments.

Go out and explore

Lastly, hope on the trailer and enjoy your trip. Click pictures, make a vlog, spend time in nature, watch the sunrise/ sunset, make a campfire just like old school days, etc. Believe me, at last; you’ll feel glad that you decided to spend your weekend in the best way possible.

Wrapping up!

When you get busy with life, you tend to forget how to spend quality time. For you, it is all about waiting for the weekend to rest in your room while watching a random series. However, life is a lot more than that. So rather than spending your weekend in a boring way, call your friends and spend some time with nature. I can guarantee that you’ll feel way more relaxed and ready for the Monday blues.

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