Guide to Thailand: 5 Famous Cities to Visit in Thailand

Posted on Jan 13 2016 - 11:20am by Archie Ward

Thailand has been an appealing place to visit for many years. Annually, around 30 million tourists visit this country. Many newcomers are astounded by its natural beauty and exotic culture.

When it comes to “Thailand where to visit” is among the top questions. Here we present the top 5 places you must visit in Thailand to really get to know this Southeast Asian nation.

The North: Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai has been gaining in popularity in recent years. It is an alternative to Thai beaches as it is surrounded by scenic mountains and beautiful forests. It is not as hot as in the south, but the climate is warm and pleasant.

Chiang Mai also has many cultural attraction, including temples. Traveling to Chiang Mai is easy and inexpensive from other locations in the region, especially when it comes to getting there by bus.

The Center: Bangkok and Pattaya


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Those seeking nightlife will not be disappointed. In addition to partying, there are many world-class cultural spots to visit such as Grand Palace, Wat Pho, or Lumphini Park.

Another great attraction is to take a boat ride through Bangkok’s canals and see how the locals live. A truly amazing experience.


Near to Bangkok, there’s a beautiful seaside town of Pattaya. It offers beautiful beaches and opportunities to party or relax. It’s proximity to the capital makes it a magnet for tourists and capital’s residents.

The South: Phuket and Krabi


Phuket is an island located in the south of Thailand. It is one of the most famous places for beach vacations in the region. There are many other things to do, such as going on island hopping, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

Many visitors to Phuket go to see Phi Phi Islands with amazingly-shaped islands sticking out of the sea. The James Bond Island is also nearby.


Right across from Phuket, on the mainland, is the town of Krabi. For some, it is good alternative to Phuket. One of the biggest attractions nearby is the Railay Beach, a short boat ride away. Rock climbing fans like to visit this spot for some amazing adventures.

Thailand is a truly amazing country. A great place to relax or party, or do both.

Many newcomers like to ask: How cheap is it to live in Thailand? you can check this post to find out.  It all depends on where you go, but it is definitely cheaper than in most Western countries.

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