Famous Food You Can Try in Geylang

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If you love to eat and have a plan to visit Singapore, do not miss the chance to sample foods in Geylang. This popular tourist destination is famous for its lines of food stalls and restaurants, and you can eat almost anything Asia can offer. This is because Singapore is like a small Asia, where immigrants from various parts in Asia come and blend with locals, creating unique mix of culture.

You can eat Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean and Chinese foods in Geylang, whether you eat at cheap food hawker stalls or in fancy restaurants. Here are some of the best ‘must-try’ foods in Geylang area.

Crispy Chicken at Moi Lum Restaurant

Moi Lum is a famous restaurant located in Maxwell Road, and this is a favorite place for many Singaporean families and tourists to gather and enjoy hearty meals. The restaurant is not fancy and more like a homey, family style restaurant. There are various Chinese dishes here, but the favorite is crispy roast chicken and crispy chicken skin. They both come with delicious sauce, and while the roast chicken is tender and juicy with delicious skin, the crispy chicken skin is probably better as beer companion. The taste is amazing, not too salty and very crispy as well as succulent. Address: 38 Maxwell Rd, Singapore 069116.


moi lum restaurant

Geylang Claypot Rice

This is a great, hot and hearty dish that you can eat anywhere, but the most famous Geylang claypot rice is served in a restaurant with the same name. This dish is a combination of rice, vegetables, marinated chicken and fish, pork and traditional Chinese sausages made of pork and duck liver. Cooked in a clay pot and eaten directly from it, the dish has rich taste and it will make you feel super satisfied. Address: 639 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389570.

Geylang Claypot Rice

Geylang Claypot Rice lor 33

Smelly Tofu

This funny sounding dish is fermented fried tofu served in thin slices, eaten with condiments and sauce such as sweet and spicy sauce. The most famous restaurant that serves smelly tofu is Mini Star, which is located in 789 Geylang Road.

Mini Star Fermented Beancurd Geylang

smelly tofu

Turtle Soup

There are only few places that serve turtle soup, and one of the famous places is Ser Seng, a herbal store that also doubles as restaurant. Turtle soup is famous as a long time healthy food that has a lot of benefits in China, and it is also believed to make you live long (from the fact that many turtles can live for hundreds of years). The soup itself is probably more like chicken soup with herbal aroma, but it is the health benefits that people are looking for. Address : Lorong 21 Geylang, 29 Lorong Bachok.

Ser Seng turtle soup turtle soup

Rochor Bean Curd

Rochor Bean Curd is a famous dessert in Geylang Road that is sought out by many culinary lovers. Despite the small shop, the dessert is very delicious. It is made of coagulated soymilk and it can be served hot for breakfast, or cold for delicious dessert. The cold version is sometimes served with gelatinous pearls. The shop also sells other soy related snacks and dishes such as tofu fries and fried bread. Address: 745 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389653.

Rochor Bean Curd Geylang rochor-beancurd-house

So, if you are in Geylang, do not forget to visit these places and try their unique dishes. Of course, while you are in Singapore, you do not want to miss a chance to taste durian, the king of fruit.

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