Around the World in 10 Steaks [Infographic]

Posted on Jul 14 2016 - 11:33pm by Marilyn Vinch

Around the World in 10 Steaks

Nevermind “going to work on an egg”, you can travel the world on a (series of) steak(s) if you put your mind to it – though with some of the delicious regional variations on grilled beef available, there’s nothing quite like making that trip to taste them in person.

Westerners may be most acquainted with England’s comforting slow roast rump or, Stateside, the racy New York Strip n’ fries – but there’s a lot more going on nearby than just those classics. Further south, for example, Argentina is famous for its beef, and their Bife De Chorizo steak (nothing to do with sausage) is best-cooked Asado-style (think: barbeque) with a local sauce of parsley, garlic, olive oil, oregano and red pepper flakes. When in France, be prepared for a more delicate approach: their famous steak tartare is minced before being served – wait for it – raw. Fries, egg yolk, and Tabasco sauce will make it more appealing to those for whom this sounds a little too exotic.

If you’re planning a trip to Asia, you’re probably already anticipating the spicy treats in store – and this extends to the world of Asian steaks. The Japanese serve a particularly well-bred beef as ‘kobe wagyu’, teasing out the flavours with added soy sauce, wasabi, and saki. In Korea, you’ll likely find your flank steak seasoned with bok choy, sesame, soy sauce – and honey to sweeten it. Reaching for your passport yet?

Down under, the Australian Tomahawk steak combines the best of both worlds – a satisfying 2kg rib-eye or scotch fillet on the bone, which’ll soak up the beer for sure, but is not to be sniffed at by more discerning diners. In fact, an authentic Tomahawk comes from grass-fed cattle and the inclusion of the bone makes for a tender intercostal meat treat.

One of the best steaks I tasted was in actual fact in Argentina – cooked with such passion, accompanied with the Chimichurri sauce!

Before you choose your destination, though, be sure to refer to this new infographic, with mouth-watering definitions of these and other iconic steaks from around the globe. Bon voyage and bon appétit!




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