What Does a Talent Agent Do?

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According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, talent agents of artists, performers, and athletes earn a median of nearly $91,000 annually. Within the entertainment industry, a talent agent, also called a booking agent, helps musicians, actors, directors, comedians, models, etc. find a job. They may work for an agency or independently and are paid a predetermined percentage of the compensation for a job.

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What Talent Agents Do

A talent agent can help with career development and branding, public relations, networking, and more. They may set up a meeting between an actor and director, send an actor to an audition, and negotiate employment contracts. Of course, many people embarking on a career in the entertainment industry are making little to no money and don’t have the luxury of being able to afford a talent agent. Fortunately, these days there’s an app for that. Serving as a live talent agency, a booking app allows entertainers of all types to set up a profile, set their own fee, and get booked directly by consumers and venues.

Of course, there’s still a place for professionals in the game. A good agent will know how to help you shape and brand your image to attract and grow followers, serve as a mentor, and take advantage of connections with the movers and shakers in the industry.

Pursuing a Career as a Talent Agent

That said, if you’re thinking about pursuing a career as a talent agent, there will always be a need for those services.

Education. While a formal education isn’t always necessary, it’s highly recommended. A bachelor’s degree in areas such as public relations or marketing is often a basic requirement to work for a talent agency and can be very helpful at getting your foot in the door. A degree in entertainment law can be a huge bonus. Minoring in film production or music business can make it easier to develop contacts while learning the ins and outs of the industry.

Training. Interning for a reputable talent agency provides hands-on experience that can be extremely important for landing that coveted job while learning from professionals who are successful already. While working, you’ll be able to observe and get to know who the industry players are, network, and learn all about the entertainment business and how it works, from the ground up.

License. You may need to be licensed depending on your location and who you’d like your clients to be. For example, any individual or entity who arranges employment for an artist in the entertainment field in California must get a license to operate as a talent agency.

Talent Agent Earnings

A talent agent works on commission, which is typically anywhere from 10-20 percent of their client’s earnings. They don’t get paid unless their clients get paid, which means the harder a talent agent works, the higher their income will be. They may work for an established agency, with the biggest including Creative Artists Agency (CAA), William Morris Endeavor (WME), Creative Artists Agency (CAA), ICM Partners, and United Talent Agency (UTA), or they may work independently for themselves.

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