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Posted on Apr 19 2016 - 4:01am by Shem MD

Have you ever faced the trauma of losing your prized possession while travelling? I bet you may have at some point of your time or the other. The same happened with me a few weeks ago as I was travelling to Jakarta, Indonesia from Hong Kong. I was flying to Jakarta via Garuda Indonesia for a business trip with a couple of colleagues and had a stopover at Singapore Changi Airport for about 2 hours where I misplaced my laptop while at munching at the lounge. Till the time I realized that my laptop was not with me, it was a bit late as I had already boarded the flight to Jakarta.

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-400

But one of my colleagues told me about the amazing lost and found service AirportLostAndFound.Com that he had also used before to claim some of his lost items. I immediately filed a lost property claim as soon as we reached Jakarta. The site has an easy to fill an online form and the company claims to find lost properties of its customers from all across the globe.

The best part about this service is that their database system has more than 10,000 major airlines and airports added with them that makes the search an easy and fast process. Also, the chances of getting your lost property back increases with such a useful service.


The company and its representatives are totally dedicated towards reuniting the lost property with its owner and making it a hassle free process for the latter. As I filed the request, I immediately got a reply from the company asking for a few more details and they issued me a unique ID for further reference. They also asked me to send a few pictures and other specifications of my laptop so that they can track the item soon. I would say within 11-12 days, I tracked my laptop with their fast services.


The representatives at AirportLostAndFound.Com know very well the anxiety and stress associated with losing one’s property. And keeping this in mind, they work closely with a huge amount of airports and airlines all across the world to reunite you with your lost possession. Their system links a huge network of places where items may be stolen/misplaced or lost. The process is simple- the traveller needs to fill up a form online and search for the possible matches. The best part about this service is that they not only search with the airlines and airports but even with businesses within the airports.

I would thank AirportLostAndFound.Com for all the support they provided, for finding my product and helping me claim it without any fuss. I would surely recommend this service to anyone who loses his or her property while travelling.

AirportLostAndFound.com is the one-stop database for all your lost and found properties. So what are you waiting for? Rather than lamenting over your lost or stolen items, just search with them and you will definitely get a positive response in no time.


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