Top 7 Useful Websites for Backpackers

Posted on Jun 27 2014 - 12:15pm by Shem MD

So you want to explore the world, traveling to places, yet still do not know which best place to visit? You are ready to backpacking and still confuse about where to start? Lots of websites and blogs are available to give you reference about places to go and to stay in your destination, sometimes with complete guide about the place. As backpackers are very adventurous as well as very budget-conscious, you need the best reference before visiting certain place.

List of Useful Websites for Backpackers

For backpackers, below are top useful websites as your reference.
As the online version of a magazine, the website offers complete guide for the backpackers with different sections for easier navigation. There are destination, gear, the nature, survival, community, and skills information provided. All information is downloadable using GPS-enabled devices that will help any backpacker to plan their trip carefully in details.
This site allows you to get free place to stay, as well as meet and connect with local people at your destination. Couchsurfing also contains complete information about possible travelling partner, about places from the local’s point of view, and even give you useful information about part time jobs available in the destination country. Moreover, you can also ask question about specific travel tips or related things about your destination place, and the community will help you to get the answer.
Just like couchsurfing, backpacker forever also has its own community that shares its stories and tips for traveling around the world. Join their community and get help or become help for other travelers and earn money with their ad-revenue service. To get the money, you have to write about your backpacking experience that will be categorized according to the region and country.

The Backpacker
The Backpacker will be a great help for beginner backpackers who are about to start their adventure. With special section for beginners, this site also offers other people to add reviews through Trail Database, and get informed via Trail Talk. They also have forum to serve as means of communication between travelers, and provide information about outdoor sports for outdoor enthusiasts.
This site has two versions; free and paid. It allows you to search for any type of activity using the map-based destinations. When you decide to go to certain place, the section will help you hotel, or places to stay based on the map information. The discussion board also helps you to communicate with other backpackers.
With more than 50,000 of destination places worldwide, is a perfect place to surf. Various services are available at your hands, such as Weekender Guide to help you plan your exciting weekend holiday, or get more information about backpacking needs. Their Adventure Finder also helps you when confuse in choosing best destination place.

Hostel Bookers
What will happen if you do not have place to stay in your destination? Hostel bookers help you find the best budget-friendly travel deals, by which you can find cheap hotel or hostels. You can also compare price to get the best deal.

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