Unique New Year Celebrations around the World

Posted on Dec 10 2013 - 1:19pm by Shem MD

New Year is a very special moment when we leave the past year and enter the new era full of hope and good expectations. Many countries celebrate this by holding unique New Year celebrations in their own ways, which can be more than just lighting up fireworks and partying until you drop. Here are some unique ways, by which people around the world celebrate the coming of New Year.

The New Year Grapes

People in Madrid usually flock around Casa de Correos at Puerta de Sol Plaza, to wait for the big clock there to announce New Year’s Eve. Everyone there carries grapes. Once the clock chimes 12 times, they will put the grape one by one into their mouths with each chime. This tradition is also done in Mexico and other areas in Spain.

new year grapes

Burn the Hateful Figures

If you have any dream of setting public figures you hate on fire, you must go to Ecuador. Here, they have unique New Year celebrations, in which they make hateful public figure shapes from paper, cardboard boxes, discarded clothes and hay, and lit them on fire. They can be politicians people do not like or corruptors. There is also a parade of men wearing women’s clothes, who act in an exaggerated way and even wail in funny way. People will then give them some money afterward.

ecuador new year

Breaking the Plates in Denmark

In Denmark, when someone throws plates to your front door during New Year’s Eve, do not call the police. Breaking plates on someone’s door during New Year’s Eve is considered a good luck, and people usually only do this tradition on the house of someone they know. So if you have huge pile of broken plates on your door, be happy because many people love you.

denmark new year tradition

Circles, Circles Everywhere

Circles are considered good shapes in Philippine, because they symbolize money, prosperity and wealth. Therefore, during New Year celebration, many families will decorate their houses with circular ornaments, wear clothes with a lot of circles (like polka dots), and serve round dishes and cakes. They will also walk around the house when midnight strikes and rattle coins.

philippines new year

Lead Divination

This is a unique New Year celebration famous in various Scandinavian countries as well as German and Austria. Kids and youths alike will gather around a water basin and drop some liquid lead onto the water surface. Any shape formed signifies something related to the future of the person who drops the lead. They use it to find out who are their future husbands or wives, what they will do or experience next year, and so on.

scandinavian new year

Walking around with Suitcases

The Latin Americans have unique traditions of carrying suitcases around their neighborhoods in New Year’s Eve, and often all members of the family will go out together carrying big suitcases. Granted, the suitcases are empty, but it still makes a quite hilarious view. This symbolizes hope that the person will be able to do a travel to exciting places that he or she always dreams of.

latin american new year

These unique New Year celebrations clearly show how rich the cultures around the world are, and we must appreciate them.

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