Travel Cheap: How to See the Best of Australia on a Budget

Posted on Jul 10 2018 - 10:53pm by Olivia Williams Jones

Are you’re fed up with your hometown and want to see the world and all its wonders, but your wallet doesn’t really agree with your wishes and dreams? Then here is some good news for you: you can travel all the way to Australia with minimal expenses and have an amazing adventure that will fill you with new experiences and knowledge! Here’s a few practical ways you can stay in Oz on a very tight budget.

Be a volunteer

One of the best things you can do for yourself, for the planet, other communities and your wallet is to become a volunteer! Plus, volunteering in Australia is a real treat. Oz is full of beautiful flora and even more beautiful fauna that need many pairs of hands to keep it safe, which is where volunteers come in. This type of affordable travel is fit for everyone from high schoolers to gap year student and backpackers and it includes many amazing destinations from Cairns to Adelaide and Brisbane to Perth! Depending on your volunteering choice, your task would be to help the conservation and upkeep of flora and fauna, educate others on Australia’s wildlife and plants, gather data on different species and help researchers. Once you’re finished with your daily tasks as a volunteer, you can explore your environment (go diving, fishing, rafting, boating, hiking or just chill and people-watch with a drink in your hand), meet amazing people and get familiar with Australia and Aussie way of life! This experience will allow you to have an amazing trip for very little money and it will also look great on your resume!

Study in Australia

Every year, Australia welcomes over half a million students who choose to try out foreign education. Actually, Australia is one of the most sought-after study destinations: it has excellent universities, safe and fun cities and amazing people and nature! Indeed, choosing to study in Oz will provide you with great opportunities and Ivy League level education. You’ll get to meet amazing people from all sorts of lifestyles, see famous Aussie nature, learn about indigenous cultures and enjoy tasty food and refreshing drinks! The most popular destinations for international students are Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. These cities are hubs of modern life and are abuzz 24 hours a day! Despite all these benefits, it still costs less to study in Australia than in the USA or UK which is perfect for all of those who study and travel on a budget!

Join student exchange

If you’re not ready to completely move your studies to Oz, you can try out student exchange programs. This will allow you to see and explore Australia for a longer time without any long-term commitments! You’ll get an opportunity to experience the Australian educational system, get some theoretical and practical knowledge in your field AND see the country. The most popular student exchange cities are definitely Sydney and Brisbane and for all the right reasons. For instance, there’s amazing yet affordable student accommodation in Sydney that will bring you closer to like-minded young people and provide you with peace and quiet when you need it! This accommodation is quite close to the buzz of the city, plus you get free Wi-Fi and many amazing social activities you can engage in!

Work & travel

Many budget travelers opt for the work-and-travel combo to finance their explorations. This is a great way to end up spending months or even years in Australia for minimal expenses! Most people who choose to travel this way usually choose Sydney because of many amazing work opportunities and city attractions. Sure, Sydney is truly breathtaking with its harbor, Opera House and botanical gardens, but don’t get stuck in the city. If you really want to travel Oz on a budget, you better go to the Outback. Cities are expensive and you might end up spending every cent of your hard-earned money before you even start exploring the continent. For instance, there are amazing work opportunities outside of the city like fruit picking, animal work, hospitality or even mining! Plus, you’ll get familiar with the real Australian wilderness, see little picturesque towns full of history and tradition, explore many Australian gems and try some real Oz food and wine! So, don’t hesitate to work and travel!

Try house-swapping

If you own a house or an apartment and want to change your environment for a few months, you can swap houses with a like-minded Australian! There are sites where you can advertise your property and find fellow house-swappers. This way, you’ll both have an amazing time, all the freedom to explore your destination and comfy accommodation that is practically free!

If this sounds attractive to you and friendly to your wallet, feel free to pack your suitcases and start your budget Australian adventure! You’ll have an amazing time, soak up many experiences and learn many new things about Australia and the world in general. Plus, you’ll get to keep your bank account practically intact!


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