Rijeka – A Beautiful Croatian City At Night

Posted on Jun 16 2015 - 10:41pm by Romeo Demes

Are you wondering what tourist destination to visit in Europe? Consider Rijeka, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of Croatia. Let’s examine Rijeka’s vast offering in more intricate detail.

About Rijeka

Rijeka is an interesting prospect for anyone interested in a sightseeing tour of the city’s rich history. Its port-city status aside, you can schedule a tour of the surrounding area, where you can interact with the city’s people and learn about the city’s tag of an industrial hub. Guides are always on hand to walk you through the city’s vast alleyways, where you can get an in-depth understating of the rise and fall of industrial activities, the local culture, and the hope the city’s people hold. That way, you will get an up-close dose of Croatian hospitality.

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For anyone relishing a dip, you can take a scuba dive where interestingly, you can enjoy a boat ride on your way to a dive at sea, or even start your dive from the shore. The latter alternative would be a more ideal explorative approach to scuba diving in Rijeka. The diving centers are resplendent; professionally managed by personable staff who are also well-versed in different languages. For the adventuresome who have never tried diving, this would be the ideal opportunity to learn easily. The area is teeming with sea life and what better way to see the microorganisms, or even to photograph them than on a dive?

Why choose Rijeka?

Besides, a visit to Rijeka would not be complete without a trip to the city’s museums. For instance, the historical museums such as the Governors Palace attest to Croatia’s heritage and leadership. Its proximity to a large park means you can thereafter take a stroll and wind down, as you reflect on your tour. The city’s art museums provide an intriguing collection of curated artifacts that are “a must see” for art loves. Moreover, the city’s landmarks such as Trsat castle, historical sites, and ancient ruins are a major draw to Rijeka.

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Getting Around

With all these sites in mind, the lingering question on any tourist’s mind would be how to navigate your way around Rijeka. Your choice of transport can largely influence the number of sites you can visit, as well as your overall experience.

Since the prices are low and simillar to public transportation, many tourist decide to rent a car in Rijeka. Rijeka is a vast city, with lots of attractions. A car rental service would rid you off the hassle and inconvenience of having to wait on a bus or tram. This would ensure that you make the most of your time on your trip, and even visit more attractions thereby leading to a more enjoyable experience.

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Moreover, buses may also not access the specific areas you intend to visit. A bus service may also run at an inconvenient time. Rather than cutting your trip short and getting cranky, or contending with a long walk to a tourist site, simple hire a car. It will rid you of the unease, while getting you around at your convenience.

Hiring a car is not only reliable, but is also pocket friendly. As compared to public transportation, it is not a steep option, pricewise. Some car hire service may only be marginally expensive, but hey, a couple of Euros more for a reliable service are well-worth it. Renting a car means you can engage in the activities that drew you to Rijeka- sightseeing, the sumptuous delicacies, the people, historical artifacts, a boat ride etc.

Final words

Ultimately, your visit to Rijeka is bound to be a standout experience. If you’ve ever wondered what top-rated destinations to visit in Europe, Rijeka should be on your list. Give it a shot, and you will realize the jewel that the city really is.

Romeo Demes

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