Neil Emilfarb’s Hidden Paradise Exposed

Posted on Oct 12 2015 - 10:51pm by Kate Flannery

Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in the Southeastern region of the Europe, Montenegro is a relatively small country with an upper-middle income status and a tremendous potential for growth. This potential is solely concentrated on the Montenegrin tourism industry, since this country’s number of visitors is on a constant growth. One of the main reasons behind this occurrence is definitely the complex called the Dukley Gardens, a real estate investment that caught the attention of media worldwide.
Neil Emilfarb's Hidden Paradise Exposed

Mr. Neil Emilfarb, an American investor and founder of the Stratex Group, found this piece of paradise in a phase of development, while the local government was still struggling with the translation to an open market economy model. The town of Budva, nestled between mountains and sea, famous for its ancient monuments and well preserved medieval fortress, and a popular destination because of its sandy beaches and a very active nightlife, is the very center of the Montenegrin tourism. During the year 2013, Budva reported almost a 4,500,000 overnight stays, and a total of almost a 700,000 of tourist visits. That number is on a constant increase, and for the small city of no more than 14,000 people, this number of visits is astonishing.

The Dukley Gardens

Some of the most popular beaches on the south Adriatic are located right here. However, if you are looking for a little bit of privacy, you can still find secluded sanctuaries nearby and enjoy in the serenity of this wonderful place. The most beautiful and completely private beaches are located inside of the Mr. Neil’s real estate complex, the Dukley Gardens.

Neil Emilfarb's Hidden Paradise Exposed

For the residents of this complex, there is a great variety of services available. There are tennis courts, pools and find many other activities offered for your convenience; or you can visit one of the restaurants and a lounge bar which is situated in a sandy beachfront, in the shades of palms and cedar trees. The panoramic views from this place will encaptivate you, and an obvious presence from centuries old societies that left their mark on the town of Budva will make you believe that you’ve wandered off in a timeless haven.

The great thing about Dukley Gardens is that this place welcomes families as well as individuals. The younger crowd will have no trouble in finding some excitement as well. It is designed for every need or desire possible, so if you are looking for a day-care center – you will find it inside of the complex, with educators and animators available for your child’s needs and amusement. If you are looking for a good time – the old town of Budva is a regular host to some of the greatest pop stars, and even movie stars like Steven Seagal, are known to visit their residences as well.

Neil Emilfarb's Hidden Paradise Exposed

So if you are already planning your 2016 vacation, consider Budva as your destination. The Dukley hotel will be open for business by that time, and if you are a yachting enthusiast, you will have no trouble finding port here. In fact, it is one of the popular Adriatic destinations for yacht owners too. With beautiful sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and an amazing cuisine at affordable prices – this hidden paradise will offer you peace, amusement, and memories that will keep calling you back to Dukley all year round.

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