Famous Red District Areas in Popular Tourist Destinations

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If you like traveling, you must be excited to visit various tourist destinations in the world. However, when you visit certain cities, especially if those cities are very busy and famous, there are big chances that you will find red light districts.

Red light district is not something uncommon in big cities, but as a tourist, you must be careful not to come close to this area, especially if you do not want to get bad name or bring your family along in vacation. By knowing about red district areas, you can travel without accidentally entering this area and getting into trouble or unwanted attention. Here is some information about red light district areas to avoid in the world’s popular tourist destinations.

Red District Areas in Asia

If you visit Bangkok, you can expect to see various red light district areas; one of them is Soi Cowboy. This is just a 400-meter road, but it is located near to important public places such as Millennium Hotel and two public transport stations.

In Singapore, famous red district area is the ‘Lorong’ (lanes) in Northern and Southern part of Geylang, where there are many bars and houses where prostitutes entertain foreigners. In Indonesia, the famous red district area is Gang Dolly (the Dolly Lane) in Surabaya City, East Java. The area is located in Jarak area in Pasar Kembang, and it is actually the second largest red district area in South East Asia.

Moving to the East, Kabuki Cho is an area in Shinjuku, Japan, which is famous for its various bars, nightclubs, erotic shops and other erotic establishments. The area is located near Shinjuku Station, and is very recognizable at night with bar and club workers promoting their businesses on the roadside. In South Korea, Cheongnyangni-dong (district) has red district area in Cheongnyangni 588.

In Hongkong, Wan Chai area has a bar district on Lockhart and Jaffe Road, near the Western End. In India, when visiting Mumbai, do not let yourself get lost in Kamathipura, a red light district near Southern Mumbai where about 50,000 prostitutes work.

Red District Areas in Europe and America

Europe and America also have their fair share of red district areas. If you visit London, do not get lost in Soho, an area in Westminster that is famous for its red light districts (although the area has been a little bet improved).

In Paris, there is Quartier Pigalle, an area near Place Pigalle, where many erotic shops and bars operated boldly; you can see their signs that show their nature such as ‘Sexodrome’.

In Amsterdam, De Wallen is a red light district that consists of many alleys with erotic shops and clubs illuminated with red lights at night.

Meanwhile, in German, there is Reeperbahn area in Hamburg. However, the entrance of this area is marked with red sign that forbids youths under 18 year old and women to enter, so you can easily avoid this area.

In the United States, Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles are not only famous as places where you can see movie stars, but also red district areas at night where prostitutes will offer themselves to drivers on roadside. Meanwhile, in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, there is a commercial district called La Zona (Boy’s Town), which serves as some kind of semi-legal red light district.

Shortly, by knowing about these areas, you can avoid unnecessary troubles when traveling.

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