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Croatia has established a solid reputation as the go-to destination for vacationers, holidaymakers, adventurers and tourists. Every year, millions of travelers flock to the Adriatic country to enjoy its various attractions. Unfortunately, many of them still haven’t discovered Croatia’s best open secret i.e. that the best way to experience the country is by sea.

ultimate sailing destination

With a stunning coastline of over 1,100 miles and a total of 1,267 islands, Croatia is basically a sailing paradise. Among the savvy sailing enthusiasts, the country now fondly referred to as “Europe’s ultimate sailing destination”. Here’s why:

    • Endless Variety

Croatia is one of the most endowed countries in the world in terms of sailing attractions. The country boasts of a total of 1,246 islands, some of which are the most beautiful in the world. The country is also dotted with beautiful harbors, lagoons and berths where boats, yachts and even cruise ships can dock. There are rivers like Cetina and Krka which offer a wealth of adventurous attractions including grand canyons, ancient caves, crashing waterfalls and historical sites.

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The waters around Croatia’s coastlines possess a graceful, almost idyllic beauty. They are emerald blue, and are graced by spectacular reefs, and rare, unique aquatic life. The country boasts of numerous island national parks (e.g. Mljet, Krk and Konarti) which contain colorful plants, graceful birds and some sought-after endangered species. There are also romantic island attractions like Rab, Vis and Lopud. What makes the country truly special is not just the sheer variety, but the ease of access to its different natural wonders. As such, if you take a sailing excursion in Croatia,, you are basically spoilt for choice.

    • Unique Experiences

A Croatian sailing expedition is can expose you to a wealth of natural attractions which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. One such attraction is the picturesque sunset of Zadar. Popularly described as “the most beautiful sunset in the world”, watching the sunset is an experience that cannot be got anywhere. There is also the famous Sea Organ, the only organ in the world which is played by the sea. Listening to the haunting tunes played by Mother Nature herself is a truly elating experience.

unforgettable experience

And then there is Greeting to the Sun, a fusion of art, technology and creativity which transforms solar energy into a spectacular lightshow. There’s also the Theatrum 5D, a virtual tour of Dubrovnik featuring videos, holograms and lasers. This is a 35-minute high-tech exploration which is unrivaled in the world. These are attractions of which there is no equivalent in the world, let alone Europe. Therefore, the experience of visiting, watching, listening and feeling the aura of these attractions is truly unique to Croatia.

    • Fun and Adventure

Croatia is the one country which offers endless opportunities for people who are looking to have a good time. The country is dotted with thousands of pristine beaches where tourists can relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sun. Some like the Zlatni Rat in Brac Island are famous for their breathtaking beauty. Others like Papaya and Calypso in Pag are renowned for their all-night parties.

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The country is also a popular destination for people interested in water adventures such as parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing and so on. There are also mountains, national parks and islands where people can go hiking, biking, trekking, bird watching, game viewing and even picnicking. There are also numerous annual festivals such as the Hideout Festival which is one of the top electronic music festivals in the world. Others are the Soundwave Festival, Electric Elephant festival and Dubrovnik Summer Festival. All these festivals attract thousands of visitors annually.

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In a nutshell, besides the joys of the sea, sailing offers you an opportunity to experience the best of what Croatia has to offer. There are numerous options for anyone who wants to go sailing in Croatia. There are a number of companies which organize categories of sailing expeditions from adventurous excursions to ultra-luxury cruises. However, if you want the ultimate sailing experience, then the best option is to rent a boat or yacht and sail to your preferred destinations. There are numerous charter companies which offer boat rental services at very affordable rates.

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