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Posted on Aug 22 2015 - 7:09am by Kate Flannery

What is the lowest common denominator of all good travel apps? They are here to help you with something that you didn’t even realize you need helping with. With the App Store and Google Play brimming with boldly advertised apps, it’s always good to separate truly useful ones from those that only serve to justify their developer’s existence.

Cheap data roaming

Whoever has burnt their fingers on accidental or unsuspecting data roaming escapade knows how ridiculously high phone companies charge even the simplest online tasks, like sending a mail or downloading a bus schedule. Onavo is an app that makes things straight. Installed, it significantly reduces the amount of data needed for everyday tasks like checking email and writing a Facebook post. The technology behind this valuable app is the developer’s secret, but one thing is for sure – it works amazingly well.

Change the Way You Travel with Travel Apps Onavo


Personal travel assistant

Unless you belong to a lucky few who can afford a personal travel assistant, this multifunctional app is surely going to change the way you travel. Before you hit the road, forward all your travel related confirmation emails for booking flights, hotels, rent-a-car, restaurants, etc. to and the app will automatically generate your whole trip plan. If you like WorldMate enough to upgrade to the premium version, it will continue to assist you by giving you real-time updates and alerts reminding you on delayed flights or other changes in your plan.

Change the Way You Travel with Travel Apps WorldMate


Business expenses

All travelers, and especially the ones travelling on business benefit from a mobile expense management software like this. If you synchronize it with your credit cards and calendars, it can generate expense reports instead of you, by recording all transactions you make. Trippeo is optimized for use on the go, so it makes booking, tracking, reporting and reimbursement of business travels as simple as downloading a song from iTunes.

Change the Way You Travel with Travel Apps Trippeo


Pack like a pro

If you are one of those travelers who always feel they need another suitcase this is the right app for you. Packing Pro is one of the kind app that helps you pack depending on your destination. Just type where you are going and how long you will stay there, and it will generate a list of suggested items that you may want to take. The items are sorted into groups like essentials, clothes, gadgets, cosmetics, and many more. If you input more family members or your boyfriend or girlfriend, the app will make separate lists for them, too.

Change the Way You Travel with Travel Apps PackingPro


Hobo code

Although it earned its stripes as a social networking app, FourSquare was developed for travelers who like to go about, exploring the sites they visit from dawn till dusk. It works like a charm – when you arrive at the desire place, pop up the app and there you have a list of tips from those who have visited the location before you. For example if you look up Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches, you can read a tip like “pork chop, pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro and mayo on a toasted baguette” as a recommendation of a user who ate there. And also, you don’t have to create an account anymore if you want to use this app. Kudos!

Change the Way You Travel with Travel Apps Foursquare


Check your App Store or Google Play for these travel apps and start downloading. Your trips will never be the same again.

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