8 Travel Scams Happening Right Now in Europe and How to Avoid Them

Posted on Feb 11 2016 - 11:49pm by Marilyn Vinch

8 Travel Scams Happening Right Now in Europe and How to Avoid Them

Falling victim to a scam is something we want to try and avoid in life, but when we’re on our holidays we sometimes tend to be more relaxed and naïve to the local’s way of life. Researching the laws and culture before you venture out is really important, and could potentially stop you from falling victim to many of Europe’s tourism scams.

Being in ‘holiday’ mode is an exciting adventurous feeling often leading us to believe we’re invincible to danger, and not taking into consideration the risk and dangers still surrounding us. In more than enough cases we’ve all seen an intoxicated tourist in an unfit state, wondering down the strip alone – some laugh and others stare, but more freighting is organised scam artists are probably watching their every stumble.

One of the 8 common scams in Europe put together courtesy of AIG ,is the extortionate bill scam and it can start as early as you step of the plane, to adventuring out in search of nightlife entertainment. A few drinks later you look at your bill to see an extortionate surcharge and by the time you know it, your being marched to the cash machine and threatened.

Don’t be put off by these scams, just be wise and use your common sense, you may feel like you’re in paradise but the dark side is just metres away.  Stick to the main bars, but if you want somewhere more local and relaxed check out the reviews, if it doesn’t feel right don’t go in.

Apart from this example there are many other common scams happening right now, from highway pirates to fake taxi drivers. Enjoy your travels but be pre-cautious, take a look at the infographic below and wise up in time for your adventure.



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