7 Must-Visit Attractions in Singapore

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The truth is that Singapore has numerous must-visit attractions. The list is endless because this island state is a complete package of fun and adventure. Choosing only seven may seem incomplete in a way, but these are the essential destinations that you do not want to miss. The list is a compilation of both natural and man-made attractions that will not only thrill you but also offer experiences that are unforgettable. So, let us dive into this list now.


Singapore Zoo

For flora and fauna lovers, this place is an excellent starting point. Although the animals are enclosed, they still enjoy a natural environment that protects them and people. Here, you and your family or friends will get to enjoy amazing wildlife.


Gardens by the Bay

For both kids and adults who love to interact with a mix of nature, artificial lights and breathtaking landscapes, this is the perfect place to visit. It is one of a kind in the world as it features 18 vertical gardens that are as high as 16-story buildings. The evening is even more beautiful, and the garden is fully lit with a mixture of colors.

singapore garden by the bay

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Students who are studying botany and related fields must not miss a tour of this park. It is one of the oldest in the Lion City, and the gardens are carefully maintained. Surprisingly, the Singapore Botanic Gardens boast over 10,000 plant species. The flowers of different colors and the insects that follow their bright petals and nectar are truly amazing. Indeed, it is a park that includes a lot.

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Singapore Flyer

After obtaining your Singapore visa as a tourist, the excitement to experience the vivid life of the city can overwhelm you. However, nothing should stop you from visiting one of the largest observation wheels in the world. On a lucky day, you will enjoy the horizons and even some views that go beyond the borders of Singapore. It is best enjoyed when you are with your romantic partner.

singapore flyer

Universal Studios Singapore

Are you traveling with kids? Well, none of you will get enough of Universal Studios Singapore. This theme park has numerous rides and themed zones suitable for Halloween, shows and much more fun. In addition to kids, most adults really enjoy this resort also.

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The Beaches

Singapore has numerous beaches that are tranquil yet full of life. Sentosa Island’s beaches top the list of the beach life fun that you will not want to miss. According to travel agents, you must give your beach tour a full day. Changi Beach Park is another great beach here.

National Gallery Singapore

This is one of the most recent attractions in Singapore that you must visit. It is the home of various historical and cultural artifacts not only from Singapore but also all of Asia and Europe, particularly countries that have influenced Singapore in one way or another. It is the best place to learn more about this place.

Now that you know the top attractions here, you will no longer be faced with the dilemma of where to visit especially when you have a limited time for your trip.

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