3 Things To Do When Launching A Career Abroad

Posted on Sep 8 2016 - 12:52am by Irma Hunkeler

3 Things To Do When Launching A Career Abroad

Is it your dream to secure a job overseas? If you’re feeling a touch of wanderlust and harbour global career ambitions, we’ve put together 3 things to do before living and working abroad.

  1. Visit your chosen country

It goes without saying that moving abroad is a big step. Try and spend some time in the country you want to live and work in before you completely commit to it. One way to do this, as this infographic about overseas careers by payday loans experts Wizzcash explains, is to turn your summer holiday into a job scout. Discover more about day-to-day life in the country you want to visit and experience all that it has to offer – as well as hitting the beach, naturally.

  1. Learn the lingo

While you won’t always need to learn the language of the country you want to move to, it could well benefit you to do so. If your role will be a client-facing one or one that involves a lot of presentations, going bilingual could significantly help you. Such improved communication skills will not only help you in your job – they’ll help you in everyday life.

If English is your first language, actively seek English-speaking roles – employers will be chomping at the bit to recruit you.

  1. Don’t forget about internal transfer

One of the easiest ways to move abroad for work is through internal transfer. This is a particularly good option if visa laws and other regulations in the country you want to head to are particularly troublesome, as the employer should be able to handle this for you.

One way to do it is to get work at an international company, get a couple of years experience under your belt then speak to management about a transfer. If you’re a hard worker and respected colleague, there’s little reason they could say no.

So now you’re thinking of launching a career abroad but don’t know where to start looking? Have a look at our new infographic below that features top tips on what you should be thinking about.


Are you looking to secure a move overseas? Let us know about your experience.

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