Why spend time in Australia surfing, petting kangaroos and learning English

Posted on Dec 21 2018 - 5:39pm by Leila Dorari

Australia is one of the top destinations that everyone seems to dream of visiting one day. By taking a closer look at what this beautiful destination has to offer, it is not a surprise that most people are fascinated by it. From breath-taking beaches to unique wildlife, it seems as Australia has it all. Nevertheless, flying to this marvellous country might take a while, and not to mention that it tends to be quite expensive. Despite the cost, there are numerous reasons to save up and venture across the gorgeous Pacific. A lot of people who visit Australia get excited about three main things, such as surfing, spending time with kangaroos, and improving their English skills. Here is a more detailed explanation as to why you should visit Australia and experience all three of these things.

Surfing in Australia


Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner, the best time to try out this fun and exciting activity is in the season of autumn. A lot of tourists arrive in the summer and leave as soon as the season ends. Nevertheless, a lot of people do not know that the best time to enjoy surfing is autumn. One of the reasons that you should opt for surfing later in the year, is because there are consistent swells every day. Consistent swells are great for the ultimate experience!

Also, did you know that the temperature of the water is approximately 25C in autumn? This means that the ocean is pleasant and refreshing. Also, maybe the best reason of them all is that the crowds finally thin out. As previously mentioned, tourists usually think that they should put away their surfboards as soon as summer goes away. People who consider surfing as a lifestyle swear that this is not the case and that this sport can be practised later in the year as well. Some of the most iconic locations that are worth visiting are Bondi or the spectacular Gold Coast. As Australia is famous for its 50,000 km of the coastline, other popular choices are Coral Bay, Cable Beach, Noosa, and Manly. Beginners and more experienced surfers are more than welcome to improve their techniques and have fun all day long!

Learning English

A lot of foreigners seem to have difficulties with understanding some of the English that is spoken in Australia. It is not a surprise that tourists might have issues with the language considering that the spelling does differ in certain words, and sometimes a word can have multiple meanings. To solve this issue and make things easier, newcomers can do a couple of things. One of the tips on learning English is to get a skilled tutor. A lot of people come to Australia to study. As a matter of fact, students can easily find tutors that can help with a specific course by using various apps. Renowned independent schools such as SCE College provide the most informative and fun learning experiences for their students. Other ways in which a foreigner can practice their skills in English is to for example change their phone settings to English or listen to local songs. Extroverts who enjoy spending time among other people should consider volunteering. This social activity is great for practising the language and making new Australian friends.

Petting kangaroos

Australia’s wildlife is truly out of this world, and it is something this country is famous for. Koalas, different reptiles and crocodiles, dingos, platypuses and kangaroos, it seems wildlife cannot be any versatile than this. If you are planning a trip to experience something entirely new, and you are a big animal lover, then Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane is the right place to visit. One of the most beloved attractions is the koala and kangaroo sanctuary. If you have never seen a koala up close, then you can not only approach these fuzzy animals, but you can cuddle them and take pictures! After some quality time with the koalas, visitors can get their hands on some kangaroo treats in the sanctuary’s stores, and go feed them. Spending time petting kangaroos can be quite a unique life experience for both children and adults alike. People are highly encouraged to enjoy their stay here and learn something new at the same time.

All in all, Australia is a beautiful destination that offers a lot to foreigners. Its fascinating wildlife, breath-taking beaches and welcoming citizens are just some of the reasons why someone should consider saving up and travelling.

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