Top 8 Cycling Adventures in Australia

Posted on Sep 10 2020 - 10:25pm by Nina Simons
cycling in Australia

Not a lot of people who want to go on cycling adventures think about Australia. They usually think about France, Italy or Amsterdam, but that is unfortunate because there are many trials in Australia that are just as amazing. If you are willing to give Australia a chance to prove that it is just as good for cycling adventures, here are the top 8 cycling roads and trails in Australia. 

Beechworth Mountain Bike Park, Victoria

If you are a beginner there is no better place for you than The Beechworth Mountain Bike Park because it offers trails that will serve you good no matter how skilled you are. The best thing is that it is located in Victorian forest land which makes the whole experience that much better. It has unique hazards like low traction as well as some exciting ups and downs that will contribute to the whole experience in the best way possible. This park is one of the best cycling places Victoria has to offer, you will not only have a good time getting that adrenaline rush but you will get to meet people who share the same shoes as you. 

Great ocean road cycling trail

Great Ocean Road, Victoria 

Most people enjoy the great ocean road in a car, but it’s even better when you are on a bike. It is one of the most popular Australian scenic roads which makes it even more delightful. It has amazing cliffs, ocean stacks, beaches and rainforests that are even better looking when you are on a bike moving at your own pace. The best route to take is starting in Torquay and making your way down the coast. But it is quite a ride to Warrnambool, it’s approximately 250 kilometers’ so it can make a great cycling adventure. The best way to get the full experience is to avoid the holiday season. There are also great kid-friendly biking trails where your whole family can enjoy, although you will have to make sure that your children have proper kids bikes that can hold up to wear and tear. There are also many fun parks where your children can have fun and learn new things. 

Mount Remarkable, South Australia

If you want to visit every cyclist dreamland, Mount Remarkable is one of the most perfect mountain bike trails you can visit. For a skilled cyclist there is no place more remarkable than these mountain trials. These trails are the home of some of the most beautiful unpopulated areas where you will be able to bike your heart out while enjoying the most magnificent views. This is also a great place if you are looking for a short ride because it is around 7 kilometers’ and it’s a tight downhill track.

Magnetic Island, Queensland

Magnetic Island is a place that is made for cyclists and it is the best way to turn your family vacation into something unforgettable. That is because it is quite small and has sparse traffic which means that it is safe for families. It’s a 10-kilometre ride to get across the island to Horseshoe Bay. Although it is a simple route there needs to be cautious while riding down the narrow and hilly parts. 

Queensland bike trail

Murray to the Mountains, Victoria

If you are someone who is looking for a more laid back cycling adventure than Murray to the Mountains is the best trail for you. It is quite gentle but its 83 kilometers and can be a great route for a family. The best way to enjoy it is to dedicate two days to it because you will pass tough interesting places like cellars and restaurants that both you and your family will enjoy. This trail is the best for families because even those with no experience will be able to conquer it. 

Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra

Stromlo Forest Park is the most popular spot for mountain bikers and it is a quick 15-minute ride from the centre of the city. It is so popular because it is over 50 kilometers’ of custom-designed cross-country trails along with dirt jumps that everyone can enjoy. This park is the best option if you are looking for a place to have fun at. 

Kakadu National Park, Darwin

If you are knocking off things off your bucket list Kakadu National Park is one to visit. It is not your normal biking trail because it has breathing waterfalls, luscious rainforest, ancient rock art galleries and it is just an endless road of amazing things to see. There are so many places you can stop to relax and take a dip in watering holes and waterfalls.

Kakadu national park Australia

Forrest, Victoria

Forrest is known as a cycling sanctuary. There are over 50 kilometers of little fun trails that go around the small township of Forest that was actually built by adventurous cyclists. There are so many paths through the Forrest so there are many different trails of different difficulties that will fit just about anybody’s needs. Most of the trails are for mountain biking only with many road sections to get around the town. 

Because Australia has so many amazing cycling spots it can be tough to choose the right one, but you simply can’t go wrong. Whenever you choose make sure that you are wearing all the protective gear as well as riding a popper bike. 

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