The Great recommendations of Christmas gifts 2013 for kids and adults

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Christmas is approaching, and many of you must already be preparing for the annual tradition of Christmas gift giving. If you are wondering about what kind of gift you should give to your kids, cousins and family members this year, you may want to look at some creative toys from LEGO and interactive, smart phone-like gadget for kids that are trending these days.

Meanwhile, for the adults, you may want to give some gadgets or even surprising your geeky friend with weapon replica of his/her favorite movie! Here are some great recommendations of Christmas gifts 2013 for kids and adults.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Nowadays, the popular toys are the ones that urge creativity such as those from LEGO, or learning tablet that mimics the trend of tablets among adults. However, there are also great options for more high tech toys such as pet robot and regular plush toys that are super classic options.

1. LEGO 7739, the City Coast Guard

In its tradition of celebrating various occasions and giving kids chance to fantasize about real life, cool jobs, LEGO 7739 brought forward City Coast Guard series, which consist of patrol tower and boat. There are 444 pieces in this set, and your kids will have fun constructing patrol boat with complete equipment, including emergency rafts, four extra small boats, figurines and even shark!


2. Doctor’s Bag from Doc McStuffins

This is a great toy set for kids above. The doctor’s bag set consists of a doll with doctor’s costume, syringe, stethoscope, and tool to measure blood pressure. All are made without exposing sharp corners, and all the tools come with small doctor’s bag with bright colors such as pink and purple. It is perfect for a creative, role-playing game as doctor and patient.

doctors bag

3. Teal Furby Boom Plush Toy

This is a great Christmas gift for kids, who want to have ‘magic’ pet that they can ‘teach’. Furby is a unique plush toy that can be ‘taught’ to speak by speaking English with it. If the kids want Furby to talk more, they have to speak more with wider range of vocabulary so the Furby can follow suit. The Furby can also be put to ‘sleep’ by pulling on its tail for about 10 seconds.

furby boom plush toy

4. VTech InnoTab 3S

This is a virtual tablet for kids that are equipped with video and sound recorder, camera with many funny effects, various games and kid friendly applications, and educational games appropriate for kids. With cute Mickey Mouse picture and bright color, this kid’s tablet becomes one of the hottest Christmas gifts 2013. The tablet also has a browser with pre-selected websites, so they are appropriate for kids.

vtech innotab 3s tablet

5. LeapFrog LeapPad Learning Tablet

This is also a kid friendly tablet, designed for kids aged 4 – 9 years old, but with educational functions, perfect to stimulate kid’s growth and development. There are many learning apps, videos, games and music, and the material is made super tough.

lealfrog leappad ultra kids learning tablet

6. Zoomer Pet Dog

This is a funny pet robot shaped like a dog, which can be recharged using USB cable. Zoomer can be taught to do tricks, and it is programmed to understand commands in English, French and Spanish. It can do tricks commonly seen in dogs such as giving paw, rolling, barking and such. This is perfect for kids aged 5 years old and above, especially if they are not in condition of having a real dog.

zommer pet dog

7. POOF Slinky Spectacular Magic Show

This is a Christmas gift for all young aspiring magicians out there. If your kids are 8 years old and older, you can order this magician bag set, which contains 100 magic tricks supported by various props. Your kids can turn the bag into a table to perform, and they can learn the tricks first by using instructional DVD inserted into the package.

poof slinky 0C4769

8. Big Hugs Elmo from Playskool

If your kids are big fans of Elmo from Sesame Street, you should buy them this smart plush toy. This toy can hug back if your kid hugs it, and it is equipped with ‘response’ system that will make your kids excited when they dance around with Elmo, talk to it and even put Elmo down to sleep.

playskool sesame street big hugs elmo

9. Lincoln Logs Redwood Junction Set

Finally, if your kids are all about building railroad sets, buy them this Lincoln Logs Redwood Junction Set. The set contains of railroad tracks, trains, small figurine, horse and wood logs as railroad station junction. They will have fun trying to build the original piece of America’s beloved transportation history. This toy is best for kids above 3 years old.

lincoln logs redwood junction

Gifts for Adults

What about for adults? Do not worry, because there are many options of Christmas gifts for the adults, too:

1. Xbox 360 E, Kinect Holiday Value

This holiday value package for Xbox Kinect will really bring excitement to your gamer friend, especially because the value pack also comes with three free games. It is sleek, modern, and equipped with wireless controller. The Xbox will blend flawlessly with the TV, sound system and other devices in the living room.

Xbox 360 E 250GB Kinect

2. Star Wars Signature Series Darth Maul Collectible Lightsaber

For your Star Wars geek buddies, you can give this collectible lightsaber, with the signature red color of Darth Maul and has realistic style glowing red light. In addition, there are special sound effects, recorded directly from the movie. The blade package has a display stand so it can proudly display your gift.

star wars signature series darth maul Collectible Lightsaber

3. Nikon CoolPix AW110

At last, no one can resist a gift of good digital camera. This bright orange Nikon camera will become a great gift for anyone; it is not only waterproof, but also has a Wi-fi connection. The camera also has a shockproof quality and comes in other great colors such as blue, black and even camera with camouflage pattern! Even those who only take pictures on casual moments will not refuse such cool gift.

nikon coolpix aw110 16 mp waterproof

So, are you ready to go shopping for your Christmas gifts? Whether they are educational toys, camera, Xbox, hugging dolls or creative blocks, this year’s trend is definitely functional and high-tech gifts.

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