Road Trip to New York: The Experience of An American Sporting Event

Posted on Oct 23 2019 - 9:50pm by Craig Evans

Road Trip to New York: The Experience of An American Sporting Event

New York draws in a large number of visitors all throughout the year. Some come for the fast life, while some for its islands, parks; and whichever reason you have, New York does not disappoint its tourists. The Big Apple also has a lot in store for sports lovers. There is the sports giant, Superbowl, and of course, who hasn’t heard of NASCAR!  All throughout the year, NY city is bustling with sports fans right from Times Square to every nook and corner of the city.

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Sounds like the kind of place you would like to be at? Of course! So, if you have set your heart upon living your best life in NYC, we recommend you reach the playground via an ultimate road trip. Why a road trip? because you could couple the prime attraction of attending an American sports event, along with other historical and cultural venues in the area.

However, in the States, things may be slightly complicated for first-time traveller, especially if you to drive your way there. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of tips which should get you in and around your life’s biggest sports event in NYC:

  • State laws:

In the US, there are two types of laws: Federal laws and State laws. The majority of the traffic laws belong to the state category, and hence, the rules prevalent at one state might differ from another, and you may need to cross several states to reach your stadium. So, we recommend you read about the state laws well in advance.

  • Speed Limit and Traffic Lights:

The whole of America drives on the right side, except for the US Virgin Islands. So, this may come as a cultural shock to people hailing from left-lane countries. Further to your shock, there are speed limits regulated in each country, which need to be strictly followed at all times, and the speed limits to vary from one state to another.

  • Additional Rules You Should Follow:

The US has some strict rules for leaving children unattended in the car and there are mandatory rules to have the child buckled with a proper seat belt at all times. Some states would demand you to have a special seat for the child too, and smoking isn’t allowed inside the car. Using your mobile is another subject which varies according to the state laws. Some states permit the use of phones while driving, while most restrict it to internet usage strictly, and some don’t permit it at all.

  • Make travel arrangements as early as possible:

New York events are very high in demand, and hence, you should book your tickets well in advance to avoid any last-minute issues. If you are confused or don’t know the exact event details, then you could visit travel sites such as Sports Where I Am, which especially look after sports lovers.

  • Plan out your finances:

You could book a hotel that is closer to the venue of the sports event, but chances are that anything in a commercial area would be expensive. New York, being the most alpha city in the world, isn’t anything close to “reasonably priced”. Be prepared to splurge and always keep an extra cash deposit ready. If this is your first time in New York, you are in for surprises!

  • Arrive Early:

Always try to reach the spectator’s arena before time. We would not want you to miss even a single highlight of the game. Queues at the entrance, and deficit parking spot: Two problems that any New Yorker knows all too well! These issues could keep you busy while your game is afoot. Thus, most locals would reach the venue well before time.

New York is a big city and you would enjoy every bit of the long drive. Not to forget, our cherry on the American cake: The Grand Game, that’s been on your bucket list for so long, would finally be checked!

So, get set and go!

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