Planning to Travel during the World Cup 2014

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Planning to Travel during the World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014 Football is a sport, which is the favorite of most of countries around the world. From Asia to Africa, there are hundreds of football clubs and organizations. In one city, there is at least one football team and/or club to represent it in every division or football match. Competing in national league can be a gratifying and exciting moment for football players. This is particularly true when they can participate in a world-class championship, such as world cup 2014 that will be held in Brazil.

FIFA World Cup 2014: Stadium Guide in Pictures – Uyora

Take a look at the stadiums and the accommodation options in each city to get inspired for the awesome World Cup that’s ahead of us.

As an event, the championship brings pride and recognition for the winning country. You can imagine that among more than 120 countries around the world, only 31 countries will perform in the world championship. Could you think more beyond this as a participant in this event? There are several countries, which represent football divisions, such as AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, OFC, and UEFA.

Are you interested in taking part of the world famous football celebration and competition of the world? When you decide to partake in the event, you need to consider some aspects before going to Brazil. They include accommodations, tourism destinations and leisure activities, and sites. These factors are important which influence your enjoyment and pleasure during your visit to the land of Tango. Of course, you do not want to simply enjoy the football matches; you need to see anything specials in Brazil.

The Charms of World Cup 2014

This event attracts many countries around the globe to participate in world cup 2014 and millions of spectators will see what is happening. There are significant magnetisms of the event for every country:

  • Prize; FIFA is about to cherish the winners of the world football tournament with the first winning award of around $35 million at this time. The second winner will be awarded with around $25 million. How about the national team participant? Every participant is about to be provided $8 million. This amount of money charms every nation to go for Brazil.
  • Pride; the trophy awarded to the winner shall be the second interesting point to perform in this football competition. Every nation believes that the trophy awarded in the final round shall bring pride to the nation. The event, which is held every four years, delivers ultimate satisfaction to the winning team.
  • Recognition; the world acknowledges that the winner of the world cup 2014 shall be the finest country in football training and education. From this recognition, the football players may earn reputation as one of the top players around the world.

Ten Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Brazil

During your stay, there are various tourism destinations in Brazil, which you can visit. Here are ten of them:

  • Brasilia: You may not miss the vision of Oscar Niemeyer’s building which becomes one of the world heritage sites. Chapada dos Veadeiros is a national park, which is worthy visiting.
  • Costa Verde Islands: Tropical islands around Brazil can be fascinating sites to travel, such as Buzios, Morro de Sao Paulo, and Fernando de Noronha. You can get your trip to beaches Jericoacoara and Ilha Santa Catarina as you love to surf.
  • Diamantina National Park: In this site, you are provided with amazing natural phenomena like mountains, caves, and waterfalls. Mount Cachoeira da Fumaca can be your choice of hiking activity.
  • Amazon: Voyaging with the ferry along Amazonian rainforest can be tremendous experience. As the largest rainforest in the world, Amazon is the perfect site for animals and plants.
  • Maracana Football Dance: The carnival is held as the country adores the charm of football.
  • Fernando de Noronha: This site offers beautiful coastal area, which is perfect for diving. The sea delivers the rich of biodiversity with thousands of fishes and corals.
  • Iguacu Falls: Rafting can be great under the fall. You could explore the forest by the natural benign water. Travelers could enjoy the Devil’s Throat of Garganta do Diabo waterfall, which is higher than Niagara fall.
  • Minas Gerais: As you love jewelries, going to this city may give you the idea of charm and beautiful attraction of colonial mansions. This site is worthy travelling.
  • Olinda: This site is located in northeastern Brazil, a UNESCO heritage site as well as the center of slave trade accomplished with Baroque architecture.
  • Rio de Janeiro: This famous site is perfect for hippies. Copacabana, Ipanema, and Cariocas can be the outcries during your visit to Brazil, especially during the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

Hotels to Stay

During the world cup 2014 in Brazil, you should book the hotels long before your coming to the country. There are several finest hotels to stay during the world cup competition:

  • Hostel Cobreu offers basic and private rooms charge you $547 per night.
  • Copacabana Palace Hotel provides you with joyful stay in Brazil.
  • Mama Ruisa does not cost you a lot during the world cup 2014. It is around $83 per night.
  • Studio Do Carmo Boutique Hotel takes only $22 per night with breakfast.
  • Hi Amazonia with its $127 tariff can be the perfect site to stay.
  • Rio Guesthouse can be your ultimate stay on your travel.

Yet, you need to remember the matches are held in different places. Therefore, you need to explore more on the relevant hotels to stay during the world cup competition. Possibly, by contacting the travel agencies at your home country can be the proper solution.


There are options you can take to travel from one city to another city:

  • Public transportation

In this option, you can take bus to transport you to the intended destination. Another option is by using taxi. Taxi provides you with more comfortable journey from one place to another.

  • Car rental service

This is a good choice when you have international driving license. Certainly, you may need Brazilian travel map to drive from city to city. When you get into Brazil in a group, you can ask the agency to take you from your hotel to the desired destination.

So, how do you go so far? When you are still unsure what to take during the world cup 2014, Brazilian tourism center can be the right place to get further information. Watching the football matches among national teams around the world can be tremendous experience. In addition, Brazil offers greater tourism destinations despite the distinguished football magnetism.

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