Luxury Gyms as a Growing Market for Fit Globetrotters

Posted on Oct 26 2015 - 7:05pm by Kate Flannery

So, you have decided to hit the road. Sure, it sounds nice now – saying goodbye to everything, but a lot of questions arise when you decide to make that decision. What are you going to do with your training sessions? Where can you find a job? Do you think that you can find a job easily in, say, Tokyo?

These may be some of the questions running through your head, but you have to know that there are simple answers to them. Keep reading and find out which are the most exclusive luxury gyms in the world, with only the best amenities in which you as a fitness instructor-globetrotter can find a job.

1. Quads Gym, Chicago (USA)

If you want to find your peace in the United States, make sure you head straight to Chicago first, because you will stay there for good. Quads Gym may be the greatest gym in Illinois (in fact, in 2005 it was declared one of the 10 best American gyms) and is famous for being the official weightlifting home of Ed Coan, the greatest powerlifting legend in the world, who has set over 71 world records. The very fact that you would be working in a gym that fostered one Ed Coan truly inspires an awe.
quads gym chicago

2. Original Temple Gym, Birmingham (UK)

This 62 years old gym, founded in a Birmingham basement, accepts all people who find themselves fit to train there. It consists of a unique combination of old school equipment and the newest high tech gadgetry. One of the biggest pride they have is the original Nautilus equipment.

temple gym birmingham

3. Tiger Muay Thai Gym, Thailand

If you area of expertise includes martial arts, Tiger Muay Thai Gym should be your final destination. Their high-standard luxurious martial arts programmes offer the most perfect setting for training. Its amenities include even yoga, strength training equipment, truck tires, heavy bags, as well as large conditioning facilities. Their unique payment system includes paying for how much you have used their services, that is, for the time you have spent in their facilities and used certain amenities.

Tiger Muay Thai Thailand

4. Symmetry Gym, Dubai

The experienced team in Dubai-based Symmetry Gym is one of their biggest prides, but not the only one. Their facilities house “only state-of-the-art equipment, that is maintained at the highest standards”. Their philosophy includes long-term commitment in order to achieve the perfect bodily shape, and they also take care of your mind and psychological state in order to achieve the best results. Indeed, they offer symmetry between body and mind.

symmetry gym dubai

5. Titan Fitness, Sydney (Australia)

One of the best features Titan Fitness gym has is that it appreciates quality. This elite gym was founded 26 years ago, and since its inception it valued customer service as their top priority. This is why there are even facilities which include child care, free healthy eating programs, and the best staff in the world. They may actually be the freshest personal training group in the whole southern hemisphere, so make sure to check them out if you find yourself in the neighbourhood.

titan fitness sydney

No matter if you plan to leave your hometown for good, or just want to spend a few years away from home, fear not that you will not find a good job somewhere in the world. As you can see, there is a plethora of luxury gyms in the world which look for experienced trainers and instructors, meaning that there is room for you in at least one of them. Do not hesitate and give them a call.

Kate Flannery

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