Experience the American Culture: 7 All-Time Classics

Posted on Jul 25 2018 - 12:15am by Olivia Williams Jones

If you’ve decided to spend your vacation in America, you’re in for a treat. A myriad of exhilarating activities and mesmerizing sights will leave you breathless for sure, but only if you know what experiences to look for. In the sea of fabulous destinations and activities, you’ll have to choose only a few on your short travel through the USA, and here are the top seven experiences that’ll help you immerse into American culture completely.

Gathering of Nations

Every April, Albuquerque becomes the center of events for many indigenous tribes from across North America. This is the time when the Gathering of Nations is held to offer Americans a weekend of dancing and celebration. The Pit arena floor becomes a temporary home for hundreds of dancers, where numerous dance competitions and demonstrations, as well as food and music, make one weekend in April special. If you’ve thought about having a unique American experience, feel free to visit precisely at that time of the year and attend the largest gathering of tribes in the world.

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Drink whiskey

Want to know more about whiskey? Well, there’s no place in America better than the home of Jack Daniel’s liquor to do it. Take a nice little walk down Tennessee and listen to stories about Jack himself. Use a unique opportunity to visit the distillery and taste the fine whiskey, or if you don’t drink, just enjoy a “dry tour” and relish in the thrilling history.

Cooking class

Louisiana is the place to be if you want to improve your cooking skills. Move forward from the good old chicken stir-fry, and spend four days in Lafayette on a “culinary tour” at the Louisiana School of Cooking. If you’ve been a true master chef of various barbecue specialties before, now you’ll learn how to prepare a jambalaya and a seafood gumbo, and have a unique culinary experience.

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Be a cowboy for a day

Can you even say you’ve been to America if you haven’t visited a ranch? We don’t think so; which is why you should definitely think about going to a cow ranch in Idaho and meeting an authentic cowboy. Not only will you get to hang out with him, but you’ll also be introduced to all the peculiarities of this riveting job. Learn to ride, herd livestock, shoe horses and all the other interesting stuff known to cowboys until today.

Enjoy the Colorado Springs

If you’re a spa lover, Colorado Springs is the destination you can’t miss. However, you’ll have to be prepared for an 8.5-mile hike before you can lay eyes on this natural wonder because natural heated pools are located some 11,200 feet above sea level. So, if you want to mix a little bit of adventure with a lot of indulging, later on, head to the Maroon Bells–Snowmass Wilderness area and soak in the steamy water while admiring the fascinating views of the spectacular Colorado mountain landscape.

Colorado Springs, mountain peak

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Watch a basketball game

Americans are probably one of the nations who worship sports the most. That’s precisely why attending a game anywhere in America must be a one-of-a-kind experience you should not miss out on. If you end up in Indianapolis by any chance, make sure you watch a basketball game in Hinkle Fieldhouse.  The building has also been placed on the National Registry of Historic Places, which makes it an even more unique site for you to visit and watch a game at.

Seaside boardwalks

The first boardwalk was built in Atlantic City in 1870 as one of the ways to prevent sand from filling shorefront hotel entryways. While Atlantic City remains the oldest city to own a boardwalk, you can easily find more than 60 others all over America’s coasts. One of the most interesting boardwalks to visit is definitely the Venice Boardwalk in California with its bodybuilders, artists, trinket sellers, magicians and boutique shops. If you choose the East coast, Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York is a boardwalk worth visiting, because you can take a ride on a roller coaster, have fun with carnival attractions, and try Nathan’s Famous hot dogs.

Final thoughts

America is probably one of the most thrilling countries to visit since every part of it is so diverse. If you ever decide to spend your holiday in the United States, make sure you try at least some of the aforementioned seven experiences so you can get to know the mentality and culture of Americans at least to a certain extent.

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