Born to be Mild – Survey shows 20˚C’s is where Brits are at their happiness

Posted on Dec 18 2017 - 8:55pm by Caroline Johnson

Born to be Mild – Survey shows 20˚C’s is where Brits are at their happiness

The Great British weather can often have us longing for a 30 ˚C beach holiday in the Caribbean. Surprisingly Thomas cook’s national survey looks like we are the average, play it cool Brits – because our comfort heat and the one we long for is actually 20˚C, and that’s just 1˚C off our average room temp.
So with that being the findings, I thought I’d lay out on the table a top pick of countries Brits can get their perfect heat.
January – Mexico, Los Angeles
During January, the weather is at its coolest but that doesn’t mean to start packing your sweaters just yet, the lowest temperature in January is 20 degrees. So keep that factor 25 packed.
February – Morocco, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria
The canneries is on my top list of destinations, Player Del Carmen in Lanzarote had some awesome hot spots. Scuba diving on the coast, in 20˚C, can still be a treat, but I would suggest packing a light sweater for your walk back. The canneries tend to have slightly higher winds which can make the sun look deceiving, although you may feel a little chilly, the sun is still beating down on your skin.
March – Tunisia, Ayia Napa
If you want to experience Ayia Napa away from the 18-30’s crowds that flock there in the summer months, then I’d highly recommend visiting this beautiful island during March.
Tunisia is a country I’m yet to explore although friends and family say it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with the Grand Erg Oriental a must visit. For most, dune buggies and camels are a popular attraction but what’s better than sitting on a huge sand mountain watching the sunset.
From April to December, you can experience our nations best voted temperature of 20˚C’s in the below destinations.
April– Bodrum, Crete, Balearic Islands
May– Sunny Beach, Montreal, Paris
June– Amsterdam, Boston

July– Vancouver, Lapland, Dona Paula

August– Stockholm, Oregon

September– Croatia, Calgary

November– Texas, Algarve, Sicily, Ibiza

December– San Antonio, Cyprus, Egypt

Survey by Thomas Cook
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