Bag Picks To Get You Through Your Festive Travel Plans

Posted on Dec 11 2018 - 5:57pm by Helen Cartwright

Finding the right bag for the festival season is hard because you do not want to do too much packing when you are travelling for these festivals that tend to be outdoors and very complicated. You do not want to be weighed down by the wrong bag, but you also do not want to be in a place where you feel like you do not have enough space for all your things. The best solution is to try one of the bags below that will make it easier to pack this year.


1.  The Rolling Bag

The rolling bag is good for a festival time because you could fit everything all into one bag. You simply need to decide if you can get the right size for all your packing needs. Some people get a rolling bag that is too big, and they get disappointed because it is too hard to move around. They should get a rolling bag that will be just the right size, and you need to find something that enough pockets for all your stuff.

2. The Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is very important because it provides you with a simple way to carry the bag over your shoulder without putting too much stress on your shoulder. This is also important because it is basically the only way that you will get through the day if you have a lot of things to carry. This is an easy bag to use at the airport, and it will keep you comfortable no matter how long you are walking around.

3. Try A Company That Provides Durability

You could start with Australian designed handbags because the Australians know their travel. They have a large country that is very hard to cross, and they have bags that will be easy to carry because they have an eye for comfort. They also know that these bags have to withstand a lot of handling that happens in the Outback.

4. The Duffel Bag

You might want to go for a duffel bag because you know that a duffel bag will hold everything you own without any trouble. You can stack everything into the duffel, and you can make space as you go. This is a much easier bag to use just because it is so simple, and you need to see if the duffel bag can be the right size for your travels. Some people need something that will last for a couple weeks, and others need something that will last just a couple of days.

5. The Briefcase

You might want to try a briefcase because you could fold the few things you need into it neatly. You can get a briefcase that locks, and it is fairly easy to spot when you are on a festival site. This might be a great choice for you simply because you know that you want to decorate it with stickers, or you do not want to be weighed down by something that you know you could just pack with stuff.

6. The Camping Pack

The camping pack that you find will carry your tent for the festival, but it will also help you relax. You might find that you can actually pull out the tent and fill it with gifts if you are visiting family, and this allows you a simple way to make room. You might thought this was a ridiculous idea, but it might work if your family has a gathering where you could do a little bit of camping. Have a look at all the options that are out there because one of them could be right for the holidays.

7. The Birkin

You might want to get something like a Birkin because it is halfway between a tote bag and a handbag. Birmingham is technically a handbag that you might have seen from a lot of different companies, but you should get one that you can actually pack things into. It looks great on the town while you are home for the holidays, but it also holds all your things so that you can get around easier while travelling.

8. Folding Garment Bag

You might go with a folding garment bag because that is easier to use than anything else if you have suits or dresses that you need to account for. Someone who has questions about these bags should remember that they also come with their own pockets.


Pick the bags that will work best for you so that you can have the best travels this season. You can get anywhere you need to go if you have decided to use the right bag when you are planning on travelling with gifts or to an event that might even happen outdoors.

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