5 Tips for a Stress-Free Road Tripping with Your Baby

Posted on Oct 13 2020 - 5:24pm by Sarah Smith

Organizing a road trip for your family and baby can prove to be a challenging task. Whether you’re bringing your baby on his or her first vacation, it’s essential to plan accordingly. Many mishaps can occur on the road; therefore, to guarantee a seamless and safe trip, here are five tips for making your road trip with a baby successful.

road tripping with your baby

1. Stock Up Your Car Before Hand

Packing a night before your trip will ensure that you’re less prone to leaving behind relevant stuff for the journey. Stock up on baby essentials, such as diapers, snacks, wipes, pacifiers, and milk. By making preparations on time, you also mitigate the stress associated with a last-minute rush before your departure. It’s a good idea to alleviate any trunk space to store your baby’s stroller and toys. However, keep all critical items in the back seat so that you won’t have to make a stop each time you need to retrieve something for the baby.

2. Use Snacks and Meals as a Distraction

Keeping your baby entertained during the voyage will significantly help endorse a peaceful atmosphere void of baby cries and tantrums. Carry with you some snacks that your baby enjoys, and feed him or her from time to time. Finger foods and baby bottles present a delicious distraction. You can also opt for healthier alternatives, such as chopped fruits, cereals, and puree. You can store these snacks in an easy to reach container or have your spouse sit and feed the baby. Furthermore, a cheat snack, such as a chewable piece of candy like M&M’s or Skittles can be crushed and fed to your baby to reward good behavior during rest stops.

3. Choose a Comfortable Baby Seat

Your baby is prone to getting uncomfortable, especially if the trip is long-winded and exhausting. Therefore, it’s essential to gear up with a comfortable baby seat. Not only will it keep your baby cozy and strapped up, but it will also protect your child from rear-facing and front-facing collisions. When choosing a baby car seat, ensure that it is tested and approved according to road safety regulations. Furthermore, the seat dimensions should match your baby’s height to adequately cusp your baby between the cushioning to provide maximum protection and comfort.

4. Carry a Bucket

Sometimes your little one may experience car sickness during the trip. Having a bucket close by is a great way to store up any puke without staining your car fabric. The bucket can also double up as a litter bin or secondary storage compartment to safely keep your items and stuff for the journey.

5. Preemptively Carry First Aid Kits and Emergency Tools

Before departure, always check your vehicle’s condition. This means checking the fuel gauge, tire pressure, oil status, brakes, engine, and ensuring that your car is ready to go. In times of emergency, a first aid kit will always come in handy. Ensure to stock up on bandages, flashlights, medicines, and some other survival essentials. Staying prepared is the best way to keep your family and baby safe throughout the entirety of the journey.

In Summary

Planning for your baby’s road trip doesn’t have to be a stressful process. These five tips will help shed some insight on how you can make your trip much more comfortable and manageable with a baby around.

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