Top Destinations to Find Your Zen in Australia

Posted on Oct 5 2018 - 3:14pm by Olivia Williams Jones

Do you feel like you’re out of balance and desperate for a change of scenery? All you need in order to relax and find your inner peace is to book a plane ticket and head down south. When we have Tibet, Nepal, India and all those tropical islands, not many people think of Australia as a place where they will Zen out and reach harmony. However, this country has so much to offer for everyone. So, if you’re interested in having a Zen vacation, here’s where to go in the Land of Oz.

Blue Mountains

Just a few hours from Sydney, the Blue Mountains start to grace the landscape and they are like nothing you’ve ever seen, especially in Australia. The Blue Mountains are a true natural oasis, speckled with waterfalls, amusing rock formations and scenic hiking paths. No matter if you’re having a day trip to the mountains or you opted for a longer stay, the stunning views from the Blue Mountains will clear your mind. Additionally, they will provide you with a perfect environment for practicing meditation, yoga or mindfulness. Also, don’t miss visiting Lincoln’s Rock and its little cave with the best views of the sunset in whole Australia! There’s no better way to end a beautiful day!


Those who want to mix relaxation with a bit of urban life should definitely go to Melbourne. People from Melbourne have a great appreciation for a healthy lifestyle, wellness and all things Zen. That’s why it’s not a surprise that it has a huge yoga and meditation community. Most retreats are located in the countryside, so you can always check out the reliable Avis Car Hire and use one of their vehicles to explore the surroundings. Take a more active approach to mindfulness and take a clean cooking class or join a power yoga session! Alternatively, going to a new age concert will help you achieve harmony, too.


Uluru doesn’t need long introductions. This monolith in the middle of the Australian Outback is a holy place worshiped by the Aborigines and respected by all Australians. The Aborigines believe that their ancestors’ spirits live on Uluru, so they perform different ceremonies and rituals at the base of the rock. The whole place has an amazing energy and so much history that it’s truly a perfect place to practice your spirituality, pay respects to nature and the people who came before you and just surrender.


West Australia is home to one of the most spectacular regions of Australia—Ningaloo. It has all that one seeking enlightenment might ask for! The stunning natural beauty of Cape Range National Park, a beautiful coastline and amazing sunsets will stay with you forever! And, if you’re inspired by wildlife, check the calendar for shark and dolphin migrations that are very eye-opening. Sure, there are great eco-retreats in Ningaloo, but there’s nothing like camping to achieve harmony with planet Earth and all its living beings. So, make sure to grab some quality camping and outdoor gear for your outing. Enjoy the wild sea, beautiful beaches, native flora and fauna and perfect peace that will definitely help center you. Do your morning meditation as the sun rises, finish your days overlooking the untamable ocean and just be present.

Byron Bay

If you prefer to seek for your Zen at the beach, then choose Byron Bay for your travel destination. Sure, it’s quite popular with tourists, but if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll find many hidden gems that offer perfect peace and amazing ocean views. However, if you still want to embark on a spiritual adventure, don’t hesitate to hike to Minyon Falls. Go for a nice, relaxing swim, and then climb up to Mt Warning for an unforgettable sunrise that will surely make you one with nature.

Australia will definitely help you relax, unwind, re-energize and focus. So, pick one of these destinations and enjoy your new-found Zen!

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