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Hobart, Tasmania is one of the most popular destinations in the world for its beautiful views and rich history. Those who are exploring the location and want to learn about the top things to see around Hobart can enjoy a day trip to various attractions. When taking a Hobart day trip, there are a variety of choices that are available for those who are new to the area.


Things to Do in Hobart

Visit Sullivans Cove

Sullivan’s Cove is a cosmopolitan area where guests can take in the beautiful views of the harbor and watch the boats come in while shopping at local boutiques. The location is a large part of the waterfront precinct and is close to Brooke Street, where travelers can visit tours and craft stalls. This also makes for one of the best places in Hobart to order fresh seafood for lunch or dinner.

Take a Tour of Runnymede

Runnymede is a popular attraction in Hobart for a guided tour that will take you through a historic house that features a large collection of artifacts. The tour allows visitors to have a greater insight into the social history of Hobart with plenty of storytelling that is provided in a building that is fully furnished with original items. The house and garden is completely restored since it was built in the 19th century and makes for a beautiful place to photograph on the exterior.

The estate is in a remote area that is hidden away from the bustle of the city. It also features plenty of parking for those who are driving in Hobart to the location.

Drive to Sandy Bay

To enjoy a lovely beach walk with spectacular views of the water, visit one of the pristine beaches that are available at Sandy Bay for a road trip that will prove to be rewarding. The location also boasts a number of different restaurants for a great place to dine and plenty of parking that is available. The beaches feature white sand and clear waters with several yacht clubs that are located nearby. Visitors can spend the day gambling at the local casino, drinking coffee at one of the local eateries, and exploring a number of the fashion stores that are available in the upscale community.

Explore the Subantarctic Plant House

Take a road trip to the Subantarctic Plant House where you’ll get the chance to explore a variety of different botanical gardens that are all lush and well-maintained. Located in a controlled-climate building, it offers an educational experience to all ages with plenty of slow-growing plants that are featured. The exhibit has also been painted with murals of an outdoor environment and features the sound effects of seals and penguins for a realistic experience that is truly imaginative for both children and adults. You can also learn more about attractions and landmarks that are available to visit in Hobart by visiting here.

Take a Tour of the Tasmanian Distillery and Museum

Enjoy a tour at the Tasmanian Distillery and Museum to learn more about whiskey distillery with tasting paddles that are available to sample different flavors. Try the single malt whiskey or a Moo Brew Pilsner for unique flavors that are often enjoyed by the patrons. Cheese platters are also available, which are paired well with the whiskey options on the menu.

Farmstay Experience in Tasmania

A farm stay in Tasmania offers a unique experience that is a must-do for anyone wanting to know how it truly feels to live the rural life. There are many options on places to stay from actually living with a family in their home to more luxurious accommodations where you simply want to relax and pamper yourself. Activities may include such opportunities as helping to feed the farm animals, picking from the vegetable gardens, and participating in cooking workshops. A farm stay is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet friendly Tasmania people and experience their routine daily accomplishments of living off the land.

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