Fun Things to do in Dubai with Kids

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Going on a vacation with your kids is fun as the little ones are energetic and they spread their energy and enthusiasm to everyone. However, if you just stick to sightseeing while on a holiday, your kids are likely to get bored. Hence, it is necessary that you find things for them to do. If you are in Dubai for your annual holiday, you would know that the city does not disappoint you as it offers a lot of fun things for kids. So, if you and your kids are a little tired of Dubai city tour, take a break and do some fun things.

Ski Dubai and Snow Park

Ski Dubai and Snow Park

Dubai is full of surprises. This desert land is the last place where you would think of seeing snow. However, it is true. There is a place in Dubai where you can see snow and even play in it. Yes, we are talking about Ski Dubai and Snow Park. It is the world’s largest indoor theme park and is located inside the Emirates Mall. While the ski park and snow world has something for people of all ages, kids would definitely enjoy the most. It gives them the opportunity to clad in winter wear, making a snowman and having a snow fight anytime during the year. Apart from the 3000 square meters of snow, kids can enjoy the Snow Cavern, Tobogganing hills, and Twin Track Bobsled, etc. at the snow park.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

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The Dubai Aquarium inside the Dubai Mall is an enchanting place. Consisting of a 10-million litre tank, the aquarium is home to around 1000 aquatic animals amongst 140 species. It is also the largest suspended aquariums not just in Dubai or UAE but also in the entire world. A tour of the aquarium tunnel would give you the chance to see different species of aquatic animals like sand tiger sharks, stingrays, etc. If you want to have a closer look at the inhabitants of the aquarium, you can go on a glass bottom boat tour, and if you are bolder, you can also go on a tour where you can swim with the sharks.

Nevertheless, the tour does not end at the end of the aquarium tunnel. Rather, it leads you to the underwater zoo where you get to see and meet animals that live under the ocean as well as the river. This place houses different species of underwater animals like otters, water rats, garden eels, Humbolt Penguins, lionfish, paddlefish, giant spider crabs, African dwarf crocodiles, seahorses, etc. The underwater zoo is divided into three ecological zones which are Rocky Shore, Living Ocean, and Rainforest. A few hours at the aquarium and zoo would definitely be a lot of fun for you and your kids.

SEGA Republic

SEGA Republic

Apart from the aquarium, the Dubai Mall has several interesting places and one that is perfect for kids is the SEGA Republic. The SEGA Republic is an indoor theme park spread around an area of 76,000 square feet and has rides, games, and activities not just for kids but for the entire family as well. The place has around 15 exciting attractions, some of which include Giant Slider, Xyclone, Wild Jungle, Wild Wing, Racer, Sonic Hopper, etc. There is also a soft play area for little children. Apart from the attractions, kids can choose from over 170 games to spend their time at this theme park. You can enjoy several virtual experiences and cutting-edge motion simulators at the park. All in all, it is a place you must visit with your kids to have some fun time.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park

A water park seems to be an ideal place to spend your time, especially with kids in tow. If you feel the same, Dubai’s Wild Wadi Water Park is a place you must definitely visit. The Wild Wadi Waterpark has been built with state-of-the-art technology and has some amazing rides both for adults and kids. Apart from the regular pool, there are the wave pools, artificial surfing machines as well as several water slides. Some of the rides that you would find here are Jumeirah Sceirah, Breakers Bay, Juha’s Journey, FlowRider, Jebel Lookout, Falaj Fury, Flood River Flyer, Tumble Falls, Rushing Rapids, etc. The Wild Wadi Park has so many rides and attractions that you would require a whole to see and do everything.

Other than the places mentioned, there are several other fun things to do in Dubai with kids. The Kidzania, Dolphinarium, desert safari, desert safari, Kite Beach, etc. are some of the Dubai places to visit if you are vacationing with your kids. Dubai has several attractions that would please and excite children and you must definitely include them in your itinerary.

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