The Ultimate Guide to Ethical Travel [Infographic]

Posted on May 25 2017 - 11:22pm by James Brockbank

The ultimate guide to ethical travel

Let’s face it, we all love nothing more than escaping the daily grind to some exotic part of the world for a couple of weeks or exploration and relaxation.

One of the biggest parts of travel is experiencing a new culture. This comes in many forms, from eating the local cuisine to attending local attractions and events unique to that part of the world.

However, as travelling the world becomes a more plausible option for more holidaymakers each year, new moral challenges have arisen.

Ethical Travel Awareness

For example, for many years, one of the biggest attractions in the USA for tourists was Seaworld. At these parks, you can see performances from a variety of creatures, including Killer Whales.

However, following a number of revealing stories about the terrible ways in which some of the sea creatures were being kept, people began boycotting the theme parks.

Take a quick look at this post from Collective Evolution from 2015 which discusses this in much more detail.

There are many more moral and ethical things to take into consideration if you are planning on travelling abroad. The difficulty is that there isn’t always a simple answer as to whether you should take part.

The Ultimate Guide To Ethical Travel

Thankfully, a new infographic from looks to lend a helping hand. It’s called ‘The Ultimate Guide To Ethical Travel’.

This great infographic runs through a number of scenarios many tourists may encounter. It then offers up a couple of discussion points and a verdict on whether it would be a good idea or not.

For example, it discusses whether riding elephants is ok or not. This is something which has become big business in South East Asia off the back of Western tourists.

Take a look at what advice is on offer about riding elephants as well as a number of other ethical quandaries in the infographic below.

Ethical Travel

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