Taking a Vacation in Croatia

Posted on Feb 25 2018 - 10:50pm by Alex Dragas

Taking a vacation in Croatia

It was my enthusiastic dream for many years to take a vacation in Croatia at least once in my lifetime. I’m glad to say that my dream came true last year and one thing I’ll state unequivocally is that I had a home away from home experience during my visit to Croatia.

Croatia was indeed an amazing destination for my vacation. I could not have enough of the pristine beaches & palm groves, mountainous coastlines, clear waters of the Adriatic sea, spectacular architecture, numerous islands, sublime food, and most importantly, the hospitality of the Croatian people.

The following are some of the amazing things I did and the places I visited in Croatia.

Island hopping

With more than 1200 islands, I needed my whole lifetime to explore all the Croatian islands. But still, I tried my best. Every island I visited was special in its own way. Some islands offered the peace and quiet I had longed for. Others offered 24-hour parties, so whenever I wanted to experience Croatian nightlife, I never missed an island that offered unforgettable parties.

The first island I visited is the island of Brac. The splendid beaches, sheep cheese, seafood and mandarins in this destination will leave you yearning for more. I proceeded to the sunny island of Hvar. With its natural beauty, luxurious beaches, sunny weather, and excellent food, this is a destination I never wanted to leave. The island of Korcula, Krk, Losinj, Cres, Silba, Lastovo and many more had one thing in common; they offer an amazing paradise for travelers looking for a sunny island adventure. Hopping between islands was very simple since ferries, waterboats, and catamarans were readily available.

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I explored Croatian National Parks

Out of the eight national parks in Croatia, I had an opportunity to visit three of them. The Plitvice Lakes National Park was really a stunning place one can ever visit. I took a bus from Zagreb and within two hours I was at the park. It was boundless funmeandering along the many wooden plank trails, taking pictures of the furious waterfalls and the 16 interconnected lakes. Thereafter, I took a day trip to the Krka National Park where I fell in love with the glistening waterfalls and boat excursions. I winded my national park tour by visiting Paklenica National Park where the largest mountain in Croatia is found.

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I discovered history of Croatia

Despite being a small sized country, Croatia has seven UNESCO Heritage Sites where I got an opportunity to learn about the culture of Croatia. I visited all the seven historical sites and discovered many things which i never knew about. If you’re considering visiting Croatia, these historical places are worth visiting.

Sailing in the high seas

I’d say that a vacation in Croatia won’t be complete without sailing in the high seas. With my one month stay in this wonderful country, I learnt that it is a sailing paradise for people who love the activity. I rented a waterboat with crew at a very reasonable price. At the sea, my eyes were drawn out to the waters that seems to go forever. Sailing in Croatia gave me a lifetime chance to explore the coast and enjoy its beauty. I anchored just anywhere and soaked in the cool waters of the Adriatic sea. I alsodiscovered beautiful bays, hidden coves, and deserted islets. I also enjoyed fresh seafood in remote bay restaurants.

I discovered Croatian foods and wine

If you’re a foodie and you haven’t visited Croatia yet, you are missing mouthwatering, diverse and glorious foods. Most people in Croatia use seasonal ingredients and their food is indeed unique. Croatian cuisine is more of a Mediterranean cuisine consisting of fish, seafood, veggies and tasty olive oils. Istria had very delicious olive oils.

I fell in love with various traditional dishes such as brudet (fish stew with spices) crni riot, seafood served with blitva, mišanca and homemade pasta.

I also participated in loads of activities such as kayaking, rafting, kite-surfing, truffle hunting, zip-lining, rock climbing, golfing and paragliding.

I never wanted to go back to my home country, when my vacation was over. Croatia had numerous things to do as well as many places to visit. It is an amazing country. Certainly, it will be my obvious destination during my next trip and I cannot wait to take another vacation in Croatia.

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