Which Cities Recycle The Most [Infographic]

Posted on Mar 10 2016 - 8:40pm by Marilyn Vinch

Which Cities Recycle The Most

Travelling abroad is a luxury well-earned, and the ability to share cultural experiences in far-flung corners of the world is a wonderful aspect of modern life. However, for those of us concerned with the toll our trail takes on the environment it can be reassuring to know our destination is not just culturally rich, but ecologically responsible: there’s little more dismaying than having to respectfully watch on as less environmentally-oriented locals dump recyclable trash or drive you from A to B in a fume-chugging jalopy.

A trip to an environmentally progressive city can be as inspiring to the intellect as it is refreshing to the lungs, which is why we’re pleased to present this data-driven infographic which breaks down the eco-achievements of some of the most responsible nations on Earth.

Copenhagen and Stockholm, for example, can each boast fantastic levels of green transport use among their native populations – with neighbouring Oslo at the forefront of the electric car revolution. In Amsterdam, cycling is more popular than driving, so if you favour the pedals around your own home car-clogged town, imagine how liberating it will feel to be in the majority for a few days!

Other cities defy the cliché of the grey metropolis, popping parkland on top of buildings and legislating for serious levels of green space. Surprisingly, it is a Brazilian city – Curitiba – that leads the way, with 52m2 of natural space thanks to a mindful development strategy established as far back as the 1960s.

Meanwhile, San Francisco is the world capital of recycling, nearly doubling the already-impressive U.S. national average by processing 80% of their waste. Charges for throwing non-recyclable garbage keep the city sustainable – and San Francisco also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% before 2050.

A city trip offers unique opportunities that a more rural eco-excursion cannot, but if you’re set for an urban break your plans needn’t be in conflict with your green ideals.

Cities Recycle The Most


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