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Posted on Feb 20 2014 - 12:59pm by Maddy Bertelsen

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Every important moments that people experience in their lives are cherished and remembered. But the brain cannot remember every detail forever. People forget and they lose the happiness that these memories leave.

Just like when traveling, people go out on a vacation to experience new things and haul new memories. But after that enjoyable adventure, they always want something to share to their friends and something to make them remember it.

You can immortalize travel memories and quench your nostalgia by starting a travel blog.Through blogging, you make travel adventures remembered in a fun and entertaining way. Here are other reasons why you should blog to document vacations:

Blogs are Personal

Even though blogs are shared to the public, it is still considered a very personal media platform. You write your own articles, you design it according to your likes, and you communicate with your readers in a very personal way. A blog is an extension of your memory. It will have a special part in you, just like the vacations you document, are special to you.

Blogs are Sharable

What’s a good memory for if you cannot share it with your friends and family? They might not be with you during your travel, but at least they feel how happy you were. Blogs are sharable so you can share it through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Even people who you do not know can read your blog and that is a good thing because you are transferring happy thoughts to as many people possible.

You Form Relationship with Like Minded People

Since you are sharing your blog to the public, you’ll get feedback from people who have been to the same places you’ve visited. It is nice to hear people saying good things about your adventure. It is also nice to talk about your experiences to people, creating intellectual discussions. Through communication, you might even find a new place to travel, or maybe a travel partner to join you.

You Get to Write Every Details

If you stick with the traditional way of documenting vacations, like photos and videos, you cannot capture all the important details. You don’t have your camera ready all the time. The batteries might not even last for 4 hours. Writing is a great way to document travel. If you write, you can detail experiences, whether bad or good. You can write about your feelings and opinions during a particular moment, as well. In other words, through blogging you don’t just document the beauty of a place, but also the emotions you had during the vacation.

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You Can Add Pictures

Photos are still effective to satisfy your nostalgic tendencies because it helps you visualize instead of relying on the blurry images your brain shows. What’s good about blogs is that you can add images and videos to supplement the articles you write. To tell a story, without accompanying photos can be boring. Have you ever seen a travel blog without images? No, right. Pictures encourage readers that when you say a certain country is beautiful, it is indeed beautiful. It adds to the visual appeal of the blog as well.

Freedom to Express Creativity

You can express creativity in blogs you write. You can add pictures, videos and other media to supplement the articles. You can also design your blogs according to your taste. Improve the color, the fonts, the side bars and many more, based on your style and character. How you design your blog defines what type of person you are. It is not just a tool to document your travel but a tool to create strong online presence, as well.

You Can Earn From It

To earn from traveling is one of the benefits of travel blogging. If your website gets more readers and high traffic, companies contact you to advertise in your blog. You can earn a lot from advertising. You can also get many perks like free passes, discounts and more, in exchange of an article or adspace to feature their product or service.

They say, blogging is not for everybody, but for travelers who wants to immortalize their adventures and share memories to other people, blogging is the best way to make memories last forever. It can be a bit tedious but blogging is fun. It gives you a certain happiness, that photos won’t give, if you are feeling sentimental.

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