5 Beaches to Visit in the Algarve

Posted on Mar 15 2018 - 5:30pm by Rebecca Brown

The alluring coast of the Algarve is a very popular destination in Portugal. The main reason is the seemingly endless series of some of the finest beaches in Europe, with breathtaking cliffs, golden beaches, clean waters and great waves.

There are more than 150 beaches to choose from, and it’s almost impossible to visit all of them. Here are our five favourite spots.

  1. Marinha Beach

Marinha Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Portugal. It’s a bit remote, located 8 kilometres southeast of Lagoa. You can access the beach by steep steps that go down the cliffside. Before you do that, make sure to soak up the views from the top of the cliff.

The contrast between the orangey-brown limestone cliffs, golden sands and crystal clear waters is amazing. This beach is popular among photographers, and the best spot in the district for snorkeling. Take a boat tour to discover caves or scuba dive to see various octopuses and seahorses. There aren’t many beach amenities so make sure you bring some food.


  1. Odeceixe Beach

Odeceixe, on the border of the Algarve and the Alentejo, has a glorious beach. It is the perfect place to have long walks at low tide. The river runs around one side of the beach, making it possible to choose between that peaceful side and the ocean side of the beach where you can tackle the waves. The riverside is especially popular with families. On the other hand, surfers appreciate the ocean side with its rough waves.

The beach has several restaurants, and you can try some of the local dishes. It is a part of the Vicentine Coast Natural Park. If you go up the cliffs through the stone steps, you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape around the beach.

  1. Alvor Beach

If you want to avoid crowds, even in summer, then Alvor beach is the perfect place for you. The beach stretches out from where the Alvor River meets the sea to the Three Brothers Beach. The estuary is an important nesting ground for many species of birds.

Alvor Beach is located 8 kilometres west of Portimao. It features several kilometres of the finest sand as well as a decent number of cafes and restaurants. You can go windsurfing and water-skiing or enjoy other water sports since this beach is ideal for it. It is also popular with divers because of its clear waters.


  1. Bordeira Beach

Located on the wild, western coast of the Algarve, Bordeira Beach is virtually deserted and unspoilt. This magnificent sandy beach will leave you breathless. It features limestone cliffs and many sand dunes that spread inland to the village of Carrapateira.

The cliffs are famous for fishing sports, and they provide shelter for many seabirds. The beach is very popular among nature lovers and families. You can relax on the sand or explore the surrounding area. Also, it’s popular with surfers because of its waves. However, you need to bring your own drinks and snacks.

  1. Barril Beach

Take a small tourist train or cross the bridge over the Ria Formosa to get to Barril Beach, on Tavira island. The beach is a part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, and it’s not crowded even at the height of the season.

It is popular for windsurfing and sailing or taking long walks along the sea and enjoying the soft sand and deep-blue colour of the water. The western part of the beach is a naturist spot.

This was once a tuna-fishing area, and the Anchor Graveyard, left by the tuna-fishing boats, proves that. There are also small restaurants inside fishermen’s houses where you can try some regional dishes.

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