Kawah Candradimuka Mystical Place at Java

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If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” ― George Harrison ―
My next trip out of after Sileri crater then proceed to the crater (again), Candradimuka crater. The distance between the two craters is not too far, only about 30 minutes. From the gates, you will feel welcomed to the crater that supposedly famous for Javanese puppet story characters, Gatotkaca.


Candradimuka crater literally means Crater = crater of the mountain, holes, cauldronsand Candradimuka means moonlights. Based on of the puppet story that Gatotkaca (son Wrekudara and Arimbi) di Jedi (boiled) to add magic and strength. After coming out of the churning told that Gatotkaca have muscles and bones of iron wire.
Candradimuka crater located on a hill surrounded by natural scenery and exotic valleys typical Dieng Plateau. It’s about 6 Kilometers from the main tourist area Arjuna temple complex, precisely in the village of  Batur subdistrict Pekasiran Banjarnegara district.
From the welcome gate, you are required to walk or use a bike as far as approximately 2 km with the road conditions were not too good, the soil is rocky and unstable. But this is the adventure trip. Walking and sight seeing to Candradimuka crater. Along the way, you will be presented with an expanse of agricultural land in the mountain slopes. dominated the majority of the potato crop, chilli, corn, and sweet potatoes.
And if you had reached the Candradimuka crater, you will not find a guard post or other supporting facilities. even a place to sit was not found around Candradimuka crater. This area as not maintained by anyone. Therefore, you can visit anytime. Free. But the smoke billowing from the crater’s hot springs emit sulfur smell that can ruin your respiratory tract. in order that, wind was able to remove fumes. So it takes patience to get close to crater. or if you do not want to inhale fumes, you can just see from the above, but you will feel regret if not down the stairs to get closer to the lip of crater.
This includes active crater crater. of the crater Gas Bursts are frequent but not dangerous. Conditions sufficient crater area allow visitors to see the sights along the crater Candradimuka activity from different angles and distances are relatively close. Contour or shape churning elongated and follow the flow of the river. Crater is derived from the fault or faults that emit steam, hot water, sulfur and mud of the earth. warming activity is derived from a hydrothermal volcanic remnant amulet that is no longer active when the era of the middle quarters.
Just for information, there are three bursts of hot steam explosion crater is even hot water pretty hard, but the greatest and the main crater is said to be identical with Gatotkaca.
Enjoying and exploring Candradimuka crater will be good recommendation while you’re in Dieng plateau.

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