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Surabaya is Indonesia’s second largest city and if you have visited Jakarta you can get an idea of its sprawling size. That being said it is an excellent place to organize your travels to more interesting destinations as it is very well served by Land Sea and Air connections.

The port in Surabaya Tanjung Perak is a great place to organise your sea travel around the Indonesian archipelago. Pelini operate thirteen routes from here.

Many flights to the farther flung reaches of the archpalego transit at Surabaya airport.

Bungurasih bus station will serve destinations throughout Java and you can even find buses to take you to Flores and as far north as Banda Aceh.

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If you find yourself in Surabaya for a day or two a trip to the northern part of the city is definitely worthwhile. Here you will findthe Chinese neighborhood. This area is awash with Chinese culture and tradition. You will find yourself walking down narrow alleyways peering into the shops and houses that offer flashes of red and gold.

Hok Teck Hian is a 300-year-old temple is a great place to visit with its small shrines housed on two floors. There are Buddhist, Confucian and Hindu effigies scattered throughout this place. The temple can be found on Jalan Dukuh.

The Zoo in the south of the city is a welcomed break from the hot and dusty streets of the centre. Surabaya zoo house over 3500 animals and is a welcomed change from other Indonesian zoo. You will find orangutans, komodos and giraffes all housed in relatively spacious areas. That cannot be said for the bears or cats.

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If you want to escape the city for a day then head to the island of Madura. It is connected by Suramadu Bridge. Madura couldn’t be more different from the hustle and bustle of Surabaya. It is a very rural place and life here continues as it once did centuries ago. It is a great place to gain an insight into rural Indonesian life. If you are looking for a beach on Madura then head to Lombang which is 45 km north of Sumenep. The beach is very pretty with white sand as far as the eye can see. There are warungs scattered along the beach that will fill your hungry bellies.

For whatever reason you find yourself in Surabaya, there will definitely be something to catch your eye.

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